Liger Zeus - Liger Profile

Zeus the liger is a quadruplet brother of the two very famous ligers named as Sinbad, Vulcan and Hercules. Zeus is a male liger. However, even more rcently their sibling family has increased with a one more liger as well. Zeus the liger lives in sanctuary situated at the South Carolina. This animal sanctuary is the home of a large number of big cats that include tigers, lions and ligers. According to the information official website of the sanctuary, Zeus is one of the most well mannered ligers in the sanctuary.

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Liger Zeus have dark Stripes.
Liger Zeus has more dark stripes as compared to its fellow siblings. Ligers do have tiger stripes on their skin which makes them even more attractive. This picture belongs to 

He is very gentle, loving and very curious to work with humans. Bhagavan Antle is one of the leading trainers of the Zeus the liger. He has found Zeus the liger as most obeying than rest of his animal siblings. Bhagavan Antle is a very famous big cat expert. He has a huge experience of more than 20 years with big cats including tigers, lions and ligers. Bhagavan Antle concludes that Zeus the liger is highly interactive, responsive and cooperative during training drills.

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Liger Lazily Yawning at an Animal Sanctuary.
A Magnificent Liger relaxed under the sunlight. This magnificent picture is snapped by 

Zeus the liger is shorter in height among all of its brothers. Maybe that is the core reason that this liger did not get as much huge publicity as compared to his other liger siblings the likes of which include Hercules, Sinbad and Vulcan the liger. His fellow siblings can easiy grab a meat from a spear as high as 13 feet, while it has to make a considerable effort and even have to jump to pounce for the same meat's height level. We can conclude that the height (length) of the Zeus the liger will be equal to that of the tigers.

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Liger Zeus has a small height.
Zeus the liger is shorter in terms of its height as compared to the other ligers. However; it is stilll a very massive big cat. This picture belongs to 

This conclusion can be specifically made on some grounds of the documentary named as "The Ultimate Cat" in which a tiger has to jump to grab a meat from the spear while ligers just easily grabbing that up from the height of 13 feet.. The tallest liger among the brothers is Sinbad. Sinbad might well be the tallest and the longest liger in the world.

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Liger Zeus is smaller as compared to its fellow siblings.
Zeus the liger is smallest among all the ligers. But this liger is fully well-mannered and more responsive as compared to its fellow siblings. Zeus the liger is more clever as compared to its fellow siblings. This picture belongs to 

Zeus loves to eat a lot of things that are related to any carnivore's appetite. Zeus loves to eat beef and chicken, while his most hated meat is deer meat which he does not like. So far we have concluded that one of the previous liger specifically Samson the liger used to hate chicken meat, now we have a liger which hates deer meat. Therefore, depending upon the circumstances and environmental exposure, ligers develop particular preferences for the food. This can also prove the fact that ligers are not confused in terms of their thinking personality, specfically when it comes to choose a specific food. Ligers are not confused but rather they think and perceive as good as lions and tigers.

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Liger Zeus Eats Beef and Chicken.
Zeus the liger is fond of eating beef and chicken. However; very surprisingly Zeus the liger does not like deer meat at all. He always ignore it. This picture belongs to 

Zeus the liger was also featured in one of the Discovery Channel Programs "HUMANZEE". will very soon provide the core aspects of that program. This will further elaborate the profile of this liger and will give more further undersanding.

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Liger Zeus has appeared on Discovery Channel Program Humanzee.
Liger Zeus has also appeared on Discovery Channel as well. He has been used as a scientific example in the Discovery Science program named as Humanzee. This picture belongs to 

If we will talk about the popularity of Zeus the liger, we will soon come to the conclusion that Zeus has not made as much popularity as compared to other ligers. Ligers are meant to be bigger, taller and stronger. Since Zeus is a moderate built big cat, therefore, it did not gain as much popularity as compared to famous ligers such as Hercules and Sinbad. However; locally at South Carolina Zeus is highly popular among the visitors and they always love to see and sometimes donate and feed the liger as well.

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Liger Zeus Popularity is very high Locally at South Carolina.
Liger Zeus is highly popular at the local animal sanctuary at South Carolina. However; globally it is not that much popular as compared to the other ligers. This picture belongs to