Liger vs. Bison

Bison are huge antelopes. They live in North America. They are much bigger than the Wild African Buffaloes. They weight around 1500 pounds to 2500 pounds. Bison have huge strength and it is not an easier task to take them down for the predators.

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Liger Bison Comparison.
Ligers are the biggest cats on earth. They can gain a weight much bigger than any other cats on earth. Ligers however, are smaller than Bison. Bisons are highly powerful cattle. Photo Courtesy of Dustin Holmes "Dustin Holmes" permitted this picture to be displayed on 

However, documentary evidence has provided the fact that wolves often hunt them down when work in the groups. Lions don’t live where the bison live, but Animal Planet TV channel says that in ancient times lions use to hunt them as well. This probably would have happened through group hunting.

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Liger vs. Bison - A weight Comparison.
Liger vs. Bison: A weight Comparison 

A single liger cannot take down a large 2500 pounds bison. However, a single liger can fancy its chances around 1600 to 1800 pound bison. Therefore, there are 50-50 chances that a liger can take down a bison. It will depend upon the condition of the bison, if it will have lesser strength and weigh around 1600 to 1800 pounds; a liger will try its luck and will probably get its prey. But onwards than 1800 pounds, it will be a hard task for a single liger to take down prey that much larger.

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Bison picture.
Bisons can weigh more than wild African Buffalo. They are powerful cattle. However, a single liger is capable of taking it down. Photo Courtesy & permission from