Ligers - False Information Contents

There are different false information sources more likely to be jokes about the ligers. For example, there is a website named uncyclopedia. Truly its interface is almost the same as that of the Wikipedia website but just the name is different. Trade Dress Infringement is very much valid there. Uncylopedia is almost same in appearance that one can even ignore that if an individual is reading the contents are true or false.

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Liger Information Online. There is a lot of liger information Online.
Liger information is available in abundance online. However; only that information content will be valuable that will be verifiable and based upon proper references along with facts and figures. This picture belongs to  

About ligers there is a lot of fake information and facts stated there. The Uncyclopedia says that in order to mate the ligers, lions are derived with a music rhythm while the female tigers are drunk to a certain extent, so that they willingly mate with the lions. This is completely false information. But due to trade dress similarity of this website, one can believe that though that it is from Wikipedia.

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Liger Wikipedia like Information.
Trade Dress Infringement is also very common Online. Many Wikipedia like websites which are very close to its pronunciation and also look alike websites are also available. This picture belongs to  

Similarly, it also says that the difference between the ligers and tigons depends upon the sexual positions. This information is also incorrect. It also says that ligers belong to ligeria. In fact after the civil war in USA, the ligeria’s name was converted to Algeria.

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Liger False Contents Online.
False Information Contents are in great abundance online too. Some information is fabricated in such way that it looks like a fact based information while other false information does not even exists as well. This picture belongs to  

It also relates the ligers with the magical power. This might also be related to quotation of the Napoleon dynamite as well. But all such information is not true at all. These websites are misleading and should be condemned on the spot.

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Liger Fictional Information Online.
Fictional Information is also very common online. Some is even funny and relates ligers to magical powers too which is absolutely a wrong stuff too. This picture belongs to