Liger Sinbad - Liger Profile

Sinbad is a huge liger that lives in South Carolina. Sinbad is a brother of a very famous liger Hercules. Sinbad might well be the tallest liger ever in the world. Sinbad has longer legs as compared to his other siblings and other ligers in the surroundings. Among all the four brothers, Sinbad stands the tallest ones. This is a key feature that indicates the the long legs' trait of this very famous liger. Recently in 2010, all of these brother had one of their new sibling, therefore, total numbers of siblings have increased to 5 in total. Sinbad is a very loving liger and it loves to live and socialize with other big cats as well at the animal sanctuary.

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Liger Closeup Picture.
A Beautiful Closeup picture of a Liger in United States. This picture belongs to  

Sinbad the Liger also has a good reputation among the media people as well. Sinbad is a very easy going liger. Sinbad was also featured in the National Geographic documentary "The Ultimate Cat" as well. That documentary has shown the massiveness of the ligers as whole and credited the mammoth ability of the Sinbad the liger. According to that documentary, Sinbad weighed well over 900 pounds. One of the favorite things of Sinbad the liger is to swim around. That is a definite inherited gene of the tiger mother (Liger Liger, 2010). Tigers are always believed to be efficient swimmers and they unlike lions are well capable of hunting in lakes, rivers and ponds. Even Bengal Tigers are known to have inverted the boats of people while considering them as a potential prey in the water. Sinbad is not aggressive at all, and it shares big socialization with people and other animals too.

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Liger Sinbad on National Geographic.
Picture of Sinbad the liger in Miami. Sinbad is the tallest liger in the world. This picture is retrieved from the National Geographic Program "The Ultimate Cat". Courtesy of National Geographic. """"Please contact if you have any issues for displaying this picture.""""  

On National Geographic, Sinbad was compared with a Bengal tiger, which is a very powerful and dangerous cat. But in front of Sinbad, that tiger was less than half. Sinbad was bigger in terms of its front chest, paws, mouth and even the height as well. Sinbad was also dominant against that Bengal tiger, when both were compared while standing on back of their feet. Moreover, Sinbad just easily stood with a support of stool to just catch its meal. Whereas; one of the tigers at that animal sanctuary had to jump up the same distance to snatch its meal being thrusted on a spear. That distance was about 11 to 13 feet.

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A liger having a meat pie at King Richard's Faire.
A Liger having a meat pie at King Richard's faire in United States. Picture is posted with a permission from 

According to the estimates of 2007, the weight of the Sinbad liger was about 900 pounds. That was almost same as that of its brother Hercules (Doby Brain, 2007). Until now the Sinbad liger will be almost 8 years old in 2010. Again one can see a liger being growing with a fast pace without any medical problems which is a very good sign and it negates all such claims about maligned campaign about ligers. The proof is in front of the people in the form of all these liger Siblings which have grown at a magnificent rate and have a very healthy life.

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A Sleepy liger at an animal sanctuary in United States
A Sleepy liger at an animal sanctuary in United States. This picture belongs to  

Sinbad the liger has 3 more brothers which are named as Zeus, Vulcan and Hercules. All the 4 ligers were born on the same day. They did have a younger brother as well which is about 10 years younger than these four brothers including Sinbad the liger. Sinbad is very famous at South Carolina and people love to visit Sinbad on Regular basis.

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Liger Sinbad.
Sinbad has a huge popularity across South Carolina. This picture belongs to  

Sinbad the liger is a famous celebrity too. It has been very popular and it has also been very active as a brand ambassador for the survival and funding of many different big cats at animal Sanctuaries in United States. He has actively featured within Discovery Channel's program "The Ultimate Cat" as well.

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Liger Sinbad Celebrity.
Being a Celebrity Liger Sinbad has served a lot for other animals by becoming their brand ambassador. He has been the feature of many shows and one of the greatest attractions at the animal Sanctuary. This picture belongs to