Ligers and Weaker Heart

There are many speculations which speculate that ligers have a weaker heart. This is another wrong fallacy and false notion against the ligers. Ligers do not have any such issues pertaining to a weaker heart. A heart of a liger is as normal as that of the lion and tiger and there has been never sign or symptom which indicate that ligers have a weaker heart. Moreover, in our study, about the ligers where different deaths of the ligers were analyzed, none of the ligers have died because of the weaker heart. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong to conclude about ligers that they have a very weak heart.

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Ligers have Strong Heart. There is no Question of Ligers having Weaker Heart.
Ligers have a very Strong Heart. It is very wrong to assume that ligers have a very weaker heart as there is no evidence about it. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers do live a very active life. They run very fast. They are lightening fast. They have same hunting instincts like that of the lions and tigers. Moreover; they love to swim within water as well. All of these examples deny heart problem or weaker heart within ligers.

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Ligers are highly active. Liger runs faster.
Ligers live a very active life. They are very sharp and fast. They can maintain a speed of 60 miles per hour. Photo Courtesy of  

If ligers have a weaker heart, they should not be running that much faster, they should be very slow, lazy and prefer to sit. Unlike these notions, ligers have a running speed of 60 miles per hour. This is a very fast speed for a big cat and is only fastest after Cheetah's top speed of 70 miles per hour. Any living animal who will have a heart problem may not run that fast or die after running that much faster.

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Ligers are Healthy.
Ligers are Healthy. They live a normal life. They do not have any heart problems normally. Photo Courtesy of  

Let's compare the heart size of the liger with that of the other big cats. Of course ligers do have a bigger heart than lions tigers and jaguars etc. but that bigger heart is there to support the huge body and the blood circulation requirements of the liger.

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Ligers grow faster.
Ligers do have the ability to grow very faster as compared to lions and tigers. A species with a weaker heart can hardly grow that much fast. This is another proof that ligers have a strong heart. Photo Courtesy of  

For any living organism it will be impossible to grow that much bigger and huge (like Liger), if it has a weaker heart. Usually organisms with such diseases die early and tend to remain very lazy. Ligers on the other hand are very curious and active.

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Ligers have a mild personality.
Ligers have a very mild personality. They are not that much ferocious like lions and tigers. 

According to some other studies, a weaker heart is responsible for the swelling of the legs. This can become highly painful for the individuals to walk around. A species with a weaker heart can not breath properly and it can even abandons its food. However, when we look at the ligers, their respiration is normal, their food intake is normal and massive which is about 3 times more than lions and tigers. So we can safely conclude from here that weaker heart is just the matter of speculation and stupid assumption within ligers. These speculations have been fabricated and formulated by anti-liger activists who mostly use lies against ligers.

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Liger do not show any weak symptoms.
Ligers do not show any symptoms of weakeness. They eat more, they like to be active and they have a strong food urge.