Ligers vs Wild African Buffalo

This article takes into account whether a single liger is capable enough to take down wild African Buffalo. It takes 5 to 6 lions to take down a wild African buffalo. Usually these are the lionesses who take such a huge prey down. Whether a single liger is capable of taking down large African Buffalo, is one of the key queries of this article.

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Liger at Shangahi Zoo in China. Ligers Grow 900 Pounds.
A Liger at a Shanghai Zoo in China. Ligers are capable of growing more than 1000 pounds. Ligers are the biggest cat species in the world. This image is a Photo Courtesy of occluders from flickr Photo albums.  

The first stakes can be established by the fact that a 300 pound lioness can easily take down a 500 to 600 pound wildebeest. If the same stakes can be applied to ligers, will a 900 pound liger be able to take down a wild African buffalo on its own? For this purpose, there is a need to measure the weight of the Wild African Buffalo.

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Liger vs Wild African Buffalo
Liger vs. Wild African Buffalo 

The maximum weight for a wild African buffalo is nearly 1900 pounds. This is a huge weight and twice the weight of the liger. But a normal weight of wild African buffalo for a normal weighed liger is around a ratio of 1600 to buffalo and 900 to the ligers. Even a liger alone can reach the weight of 1600 pounds maximum with slow running but good enough to chase a buffalo. But it is better to stick with a liger of 900 pound which is very agile and active to respond and sprint at maximum 60 miles per hour.

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Liger at Missouri Animal Sanctuary.
A liger from an Animal sanctuary located at Missouri in United States. Ligers are the biggest cats species on earth. They are highly capable of taking down Wild African Buffalo. Photo Courtesy of  

Remember a single lioness is capable of taking down wildebeest which is twice its weight. On the basis of these stakes, an average liger can take down very easily an African buffalo as big as 1600 to 1700 pounds. Therefore, if a single liger can take down a huge buffalo in Africa, it gives a big chance for this animal to survive in the wild as well.

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Liger standing on rocks
A liger standing on rocks at an animal sanctuary in United States. Ligers are the biggest cats on earths with their weights reaching more than 1000 pounds which is twice more than the weights of lions or tigers.