Ligers are Sterile? Definitely Not!

This is one of the most fundamental questions about the ligers. Are the sterile? Can they reproduce? The answer is yes. Traditionally it was believed that ligers are sterile and they cannot give birth. But however, all went wrong when one of the female liger in the Munich zoo gave birth to a Li-Liger. It means father was a lion and the female was a liger.

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Female Ligers are Fertile. They are not Sterile.
Female Ligers are not Sterile, but rather they are highly fertile. A Female Liger can reproduce with both lion and tigers. There have been a lot of examples from female ligers, in which a Li-Liger is produced and also a Ti-Liger is produced. Therefore, female Ligers are not sterile at all. It is a very wrong notion to association sterility with Ligers. This picture belongs to 

This result indicates that ligers are not sterile. But so far we have talked about the female ligers. Therefore, our notion should be that the female ligers are not sterile. Because according to the evidence female ligers have given birth. Male Ligers haven't been involved in any mating to transfer their genes to the offsprings. But according to different lab tests, male ligers do have a certain high degree of testosterone presence within their body. However, it will only matter if the male ligers will be able to mate and successful produce their offsprings, thereby passing their own genes.

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Male Ligers are Sterile. Male Ligers have never reproduced.
Male Ligers can be Sterile, because they have never reproduce any offspring with any female lion or tiger. This picture belongs to  

But the question still remains, whether the male ligers are sterile? There has been no occasion yet that a male liger would have given birth to the ligers. But on the other hand the tests regarding testosterones of the ligers indicate that ligers have them with a plenty. There has been no example of a male and female ligers, who have been living together and reproduced a pure liger cub. However; there has been many examples in which male and female ligers just lived together with one another.

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Liger Couple - Male and Female Liger- Male Ligers are Sterile.
Picture of a Liger couple. They are male and female Ligers. They have lived in South Korea for more than 8 years. These two male and female ligers never reproduced. This proves that male Ligers are sterile. However; we can not judge on the basis of just a single example. This picture belongs to 

A liger expert named as Dr. Antle vividly supported against the notion that the ligers are sterile. He said that ligers can reproduce. Female ligers reproduce better than the male ligers. Dr. Antle owes at least four ligers which are Hercules, Sinbad, Zeus and Vulcan. All of these ligers are male. Dr. Antle believes that ligers are never sterile and it is a very bad notion to associate sterility with the ligers.

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Female Ligers can easily reproduce but not all female Ligers can Reproduce. Some Female Ligers can be sterile.
Only the female ligers have successfully reproduced the offsprings. Moreover; there are not much female ligers who have successfully reproduced. Only few female Ligers have been able to reproduce with lions or tigers to produce a Ti-Liger or Li-Liger. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, the bottom line is ligers are not sterile. But however, they are not as much capable of reproduction as compared to tigers and lions. Further researches can indicate about different prospects regarding reproduction of the ligers.

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Liger Sterile Rumors are fake, because Female Ligers can easily reproduce.
There have been a lot of rumors that ligers are all in all sterile. However; according to our findings of, female ligers are highly fertile and they can easily reproduce. Therefore female ligers are not sterile. This picture belongs to 

About male ligers, a big doubt is always lurking about their sterility. Most of the critics 100% believe that Male Ligers are sterile, because these male ligers have never reproduced. However; still there is a lot to be learn about ligers especially the male ligers, and only then a conclusive evidence can be made about that whether the ligers are sterile or not.

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Ligers are not Sterile.
Ligers are not Sterile at all, and it will be wrong to associate sterility with ligers, especially with female ligers. This picture belongs to