Ligers and Their Genetic Diseases

There is no such evidence about genetic diseases within ligers. Ligers are born without any diseases. None of the ligers which we have studied so far had any genetic disease. Only a few numbers of ligers had disability but that should not be generalized as a genetic disease cliche or lable for the ligers. If ligers would have genetic disease then the survival of the liger would have not even been possible. We would have hardly seen any liger in the world and even we would have found it it would have died the next couple of moments. On the other hand ligers are growing in numbers all over the world and they are living as normal as lions and tigers which is a strong indicator that ligers are free of genetic diseases.

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Liger Genetic Diseases. Ligers are Vulnerable to Genetic Diseases.
The claims about genetic diseases about ligers are just speculations and they are not based upon fact. No scientific research has yet proven that ligers are vulnerable to the genetic diseases. This picture belongs to 

There are some claims that ligers are weak. Even though physically they may look very stronger, but their heart and some other vital organs are weaker. Such weakness makes a lifespan of the ligers a very cruel procedure. Others have claimed that ligers are actually vulnerable to the blindness as well. These are all myths and misconceptions against ligers. Because we have studied so far about all the ligers in the world and about 99% of all those ligers have been fittest.

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Ligers Weak Heart.
There are some speculations about ligers that they have a weaker heart. However, no evidence has yet been found among ligers regarding weaker heart apart from 1 or 2 ligers. Photo Courtesy of 

Some other people believe that ligers are deaf. This is again absolutely wrong. If the liger is a deaf; that liger should be highlighted. website has studied ligers from all over the world and they haven't found any liger as being deaf. Similarly some myths about ligers also state that they have a small lifespan, but has proved in one of its article that the lifespan of the ligers is as normal as that of the lions and tigers. Even some ligers have lived a very long age as compared to lions and tigers.

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Ligers are Deaf. But this is just a speculation about ligers. Not all the ligers are deaf.
There are some claims about ligers that they are deaf. Clearly the ear expressions of the liger in the picture shows no evidence that the liger is deaf but rather it responding to a sound. Photo Courtesy of  

Dr. Bhagavan Antle who is a liger expert for at least 3 decades now has declared liger' genetic diseases as being myths and misconception about ligers. Furthermore; he was of the opinion that such an information is misleading and they are specifically fabricated to malign the image of the ligers. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle ligers are as health as lions and tigers and he does not have any kind of genetic defect, disability or diseases.

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Ligers are Healthy according to liger expert Doctor Bhagavan Antle.
According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle Ligers are healthy and there are misconception and myths that ligers have health issues. Bhagavan Antle has more than 25 years with ligers. Ligers live as normal as lions and tigers. Photo Courtesy of 

So the question is who is creating all those myths against ligers. The answer is Politics and personal agenda. Some animal rights groups have specifically targeted ligers and whatever negative comes to their mind, they seem to associate that stuff directly to the ligers. They need to come up with a genuine proof that ligers have genetic proof otherwise; without a proof all of their claims will only be considered as a myths and misconceptions.

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A liger having tooth decay.
Ligers are not vulnerable to tooth decay but if you will not give food to any big cat and if you will be kept hungry, the tooth decay process will start for the animal. Cruelty is a key reason that has maligned the health of the ligers. Photo Courtesy of