Female Liger vs Lioness - Comparison

Even the female ligers come up with a huge and massive size. A female liger is as huge as a male African lion. However, there have been some reports of female ligers being a bit smaller. Shasta a female liger was not that much as huge as the ligers are believed to be. But Shasta holds the world record for longest living in the captivity for 24 years.

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Female Ligers are bigger than African Lionesses.
Female Ligers are bigger than African Lionesses. Female ligers are equal in size to male African Lions. This picture belongs to  

Female ligers are fertile, and they have the ability to give birth. It has happened a lot of times, which a female liger has given birth as well. A female liger named as Freckles weight 425 pounds. But by that time she was already more than 16 years old. In Africa the male lions usually reach the size of 400 plus pounds. Another female liger named as Gobi was also nearly 500 pounds as well. Lionesses as compared to the female ligers weigh quite less.

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Female ligers are as bigger as Male African Lions.
Female Ligers are as big as the male African Lions. Female Ligers are also very much bigger than the Lionesses. This picture belongs to 

These recorded weights of the female ligers are recorded when they have already surpassed their prime weight age. We can give a bit benefit, and can further stretch their weights to 600 on the average. Usually a liger around 5 and 10 years of age gives the maximum weight of its lifespan.

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Female Ligers vs Lionesses - A Weigh Comparison.
Female Ligers vs. Lionesses. A weight comparison. 

Lionesses weigh around 260 to 350 pounds at maximum. Therefore, even the female hybrid species ligers are bigger than the female species of the lions. Therefore, even a female liger is capable of confronting a male African lion in terms of its strength and size as well.

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A Lioness is around 350 Pounds of Weight. Female Liger weighs more than 400 Pounds.
A Lioness is around 350 pounds of weight at maximum. This weight is much less as compared to the female Liger who on average weighs more than 400 Pounds normally.  

(The weights of female ligers are recorded on the basis of some female ligers. This weight can further increase if, there would have been more recorded weights and the weights would have been taken in between 5 to 10 years of the ages of the female ligers).

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Female Liger Weighs 600 Pounds.
Female Ligers weigh around 400 to 600 Pounds at Maximum. Clearly they are bigger than lionesses. This picture belongs to 

Female Ligers have never been considered as the biggest cats but rather male ligers are considered as the biggest cats. However; if we analyze the weights of the female ligers and compare them only with the female big cats, female ligers will also come out as the biggest cats on earth. Even if we compare female ligers with the male African lions, they might be competitive or smaller than the female ligers.

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Female Ligers are equal to Male Lions and Tigers.
In terms of their power, strength and weight female ligers are equal and fully competitive with either male lions or male tigers. This picture belongs to