Liger Vulcan - Liger Profile

A liger named as Vulcan also lives at the Miami animal sanctuary. Vulcan is one of the quadruplet brothers of the same tigress that gave birth to ligers. Vulcan’s other three liger brothers include Hercules, Sinbad, and Zeus. Vulcan the liger is very famous for its surprise naughty acts at the zoo. Vulcan is very friendly and being a liger Vulcan is highly socialized. This resembles Vulcan with the traits of the male African lion which are highly socialized. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle, ligers get the socializing trait for his lion as a father. He believes that ligers get the best traits of both of his parents in many aspects which makes it a "Super Cat".

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Liger Vulcan Sleeping at its Stool.
Picture of Vulcan the liger in United States. Vulcan the liger loves to sleep more than 18 to 20 hours per day. This picture is Displayed with the permissin of its owner  

Dr. Bhagavan Antle is a highly reputable big cat expert. He has more than 20 years experience to his account specifically in terms of ligers. He has trained, tamed and lived with a lot of ligers for the significant period of his life and he understands ligers a lot better than anyone else in the world right now. Vulcan is one of the luckiest liger who has been living under the supervisory team of Bhagavan Antle.

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Liger Vulcan  Resting on a Stool.
Vulcan the liger having a good view of the zoo visitors in United States. This picture is Displayed with the permissin of its owner  

Some people mistakely consider tabby tigers as ligers. Tabby tigers resemble very close to ligers but their orange color is rather pale. On the other hand ligers have purely brown skin color with dark brown stripes on them. Tabby tigers are not that much enriched in orange color but they are distinctively different from the ligers. A perfect comparison can be seen in the above picture as well in which Vulcan the liger is seen in a parallel contrast with the tabby tiger in the background.

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Liger Vulcan playing.
Vulcan the liger playing with himself. This picture is Displayed with the permissin of its owner 

Vulcan the liger regularly participates at different shows and events. He is a very popular celebrity locally at Miami and also in other cities as well, where he is being regularly taken as a source of entertainment and knowledge about ligers. Vulcan still remembers his brother and feels very happy, whenever it meets its brothers. It currently lives with two tiger friends which are Mahesh and Nishula. Vulcan has a great appetite for the meat. But Vulcan loves to eat chicken.

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Liger Vulcan Ambushing at its prey
Vulcan the liger ambushing at the zoo visitors . This picture is Displayed with the permissin of its owner 

Vulcan being a liger is also a complete celebrity too. He has frequently caught the eye of mainstream media electronic and print media. Vulcan has also appeared on CNN’s 360 show. Vulcan also appeard on Today's Show on United States' Television Channels. He has been equally popular among several different magazines and newspapers as well. Newspapers have often published a lot of stories about this massively huge cat.

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Liger Vulcan is a famous celebrity as it appeared on CNN, Newspapers and Magazines.
Liger Vulcan is a complete celebrity as it has appeared on many international channels such as CNN. Also it is very popular at the local magazines and newspapers. This picture belongs to 

All the four liger brothers (including Vulcan) just like lions and tigers love to sleep all the day. Vulcan sleeps about 18 to 20 hours per day. Moreover, all of these four ligers have survived to grow as a fully mature liger which is also a very positive development. This also contradicts the statements that ligers do not live long and they are prone to weaknesses and diseases. Moreover, it gives enough hope for ligers to survive and adopt to their surrounding environments which some unreliable sources intentionally contradict.

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Liger Vulcan is a healthy liger without any defects and diseases.
Vulcan the liger is fully healthy liger. It has no defects and no diseases at all. Liger Vulcan fully responds just like a normal big cats to its trainers. This picture belongs to 

As of 2013, Vulcan the liger is still alive and it is almost more than 13 years old. Vulcan the liger is still doing fine at the animal sanctuary within United States. Vulcan the liger still weighs more than 900 Pounds and it is still a great attraction at the Myrtle Beach Safari at Miami in United States.

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Liger Vulcan is 13 (thirteen) years old.
Liger Vulcan is more than 13 years old now. It is still very healthy and it is doing exceptionally fine at the animal sanctuary in Miami United States. This picture belongs to