Ligers and Cash Inflows for Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries

Ligers for their big size, unusual appearance, and a unique pattern of skin color attracts a lot. Whenever, an individual comes across to know about such animals, they are prompted to watch it in the nearby zoos. For the zoo keepers, this offers a great source of financial incentives as more and more people will come and the viewership of the zoo animals will increase. Zoos and animal parks have to rely on donations and making money through viewers, and ligers can prove out to be very handy to take this sort of financial load. Therefore; ligers are a real source of cash inflows for the zoos and animal sanctuaries.

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Ligers and Cash are directly related with one another.
Ligers and Cash Inflows are directly related with one another. People love to watch them and spend money for such a lovely animal. This picture belongs to 

Even recently Sierra Safari Zoo, has bring in a new eight month old female liger to their animal collection. Previously they used to have male liger named as Hobbs. However, Hobbs just died a few years ago. Hobbs was a great source of income for the Safari zoo. They are expecting the same financial incentives from this new arrival as well. Usually a zoo like Sierra Safari Zoo requires around $40,000 to $80,000 per year. Ligers can certainly increase incoming visitors and also inflow of the cash to the zoo as well.

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Liger at Sierra Safari zoo is specifically brought for Financial assistance to the zoo.
Sierra Safari Recently brought a new liger. They are expecting this newborn liger to be offer a great viewership for the viewers and provide further financial assistance. This picture belongs to 

The current economic crises are a big hurdle for them to retrieve this much amount of money. Therefore, they are desperate to gain their momentum of cash inflows. Liger’s presence is one such key operation which can make their safari park worth watching of the individuals (Breen, 2010).

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Ligers can provide cash inflows during these economic crises times as well.
Ligers can provide a certain stream of Cash inflows to the zoos during these Economic Crises time as well. This picture belongs to