Liger Cubs vs Tiger Cubs - Growth & Weight

Both the liger cubs and tiger cubs are of the same size at the time of the birth. However; after that a liger cub is always capable of growing at a much faster rate as compared to the tiger cub. This growth rate becomes visible within the matter of weeks, as just after few weeks you will notice that a liger cub will experience a higher growth rate and will also gain more weight than a tiger cub. During its growth period cycle, it is estimated that a liger grows and gains 1 pound of weight on average per day. However; as a small cub of few weeks old, a liger cub gains a weight of around 500 grams on average per day. During its juvenile time period; a liger cub will even grow more than 1 pound of weight per day. All of these evidences specifically show the faster growth rate of the liger cubs as compared to the tiger cubs.

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Liger Cubs Fighting to learn defense and attacking tactics.
Two liger cubs are fighting and playing together. These fights help the liger cubs to learn attacking and defensive tactics. These tactics also indicate the wild nature of these animals. But many domesticated animals also exhibit a similar nature as well. is very thankful to 

Let's move on to weight samples of liger and tiger cubs respectively for the first 60 years of their life. We have earlier posited that a liger cub will outgrow a tiger cub in terms of its growth and weight. The weight samples show exactly the same scenrio i.e., growth of the liger cub is relatively higher than a tiger cub during the first 60 days. The liger cub grew by nearly 700%, whereas; the tiger cub grows by 428% during the first 60 days of their lives. We can conclude that a liger cub grew around 80 to 90 percent faster than the tiger cub.

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Liger Cubs Percentage Weight Change
A Table Showing Percentage Weight Change Comparison of Liger and Tiger Cubs. 

However, from 61 to 130 days, the liger cub is still growing at a faster rate than the tiger cub. Therefore; throughout its entire growth lifespan a liger cub leads a tiger cub in terms of its growth and weight and this is a core reason that a liger grows up much faster as compared to the tiger or even lion when it reaches the stage of maturity.

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Percentage Weight Change Among Liger and Tiger Cubs over different time periods. Photo Courtesy of 

So in our analysis in terms of growth comparison in between a liger cub and a tiger cub, a liger cub is surely a winner in this regard.

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Liger Cub Weighs 36 pounds at 120 days of age.
A Liger Cub Weighs around 36 pounds when it reaches the age of 120 Days. This Picture Belongs to