Ligers in US Zoos

United States of America has the largest numbers of ligers at its Zoos than any other country around the world. Moreover; USA also has the largest numbers of captive (Zoo) big cats than any other country in the world. This can be proved by the fact that there are around 15000 to 20,000 tigers in USA while there are only 3500 tigers in the wild and no other country in the world has that much amount of tigers. The same difference is true about lions, jaguars and tigers as well. Keeping these statistics in mind, we can primarily conclude that United States is a home of Captive big cats in the world whether it is lion, tiger, liger or any other big cats.

USA also has highest numbers of Liger Zoos than any other country in the world. According to one survey by website, it was specifically concluded that numbers of Liger Zoos in USA were 21 while China was on second spot with only 6 to 8 liger zoos.

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A liger in Atlanta at United States.
Picture of a young liger at Atlanta in United States. Photo Courtesy of 

In certain parts of the world, the breeding of ligers is banned. Recently in 2010, take an example of Taiwan, a man has been charged with 1500 US dollars (in some reports 5000) for breeding ligers. They authorities belived that since tigers are endangered species, therefore, it was not necessary to go for a cross-breeding programs. However, our statistics show that the captive ligers have never been endangered in the world but rather they are more. However, unlike Taiwan, in United States one can do anything it wants to breed the ligers. Liger breeding is not legal in all the States of America but it is legal in majority of the states.

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Ligers at Maximum in USA
United States of America is home to the maximum numbers of ligers in the world. Posted with permission from 

In United States one can see ligers at Naples, Florida, The Hogale, Utah zoo, Dakota zoo and in Miami zoo and animal sanctuaries. These zoos and animal sanctuaries have regularly displayed ligers in different exhibitions, educational programs, and as part of the shows as well. People love to visit there, they show them to their kids as well and ligers are also serve as educational stuffs for the pepole as well. The reason being people like big things and when it comes to the big cats it becomes even more interesting for them.

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A Liger at a zoo in United States.
A Liger at zoo in United States. Majority of the famous zoos in United States have Ligers. 

Many famous animal sanctuaries such as Shambala, Orangutans, Gibbons and Simangs have also launched different exhibitions, where they have showed the ligers. Ligers are one of the core animals which create a key attraction among the zoo visitors. According to some animal sanctuary officials ligers not only help for their own finances but also the finances of other zoo animals as well. The visitors increase because of ligers and consequently this creates a huge impact on the food being made available for the ligers.

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Liger Love People in USA
People love Ligers in United States. They are very curious to watch and know about the ligers. Photo Courtesy of 

One of the most famous liger zoos in the world is Myrtle Beach Safari. This zoo is an animal preserve with a core aim of big cat conservation. Famous ligers such as Hercules the liger and Sinbad the liger who weigh around 900 pounds also belong to Myrtle Beach Safari Liger Zoo. This liger zoo is headed by Dr. Bhagavan Antle who has at least 5 decades of experience with big cats including ligers as well. Other famous animal caretakers and animal trainers at this liger zoo include Moksha Bybee, Rajani Ferrante, China York, and Chris Heidin. All of these individuals are very dedicated when it comes to caring animals.

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Ligers Financially Sound.
Ligers do offer certain financial assistance to the zoo as more and more people from around the world come to watch the ligers.