The Word Liger

The word “LIGER” is also a hybrid word that is emerged from two English words “Lion” and “Tigers”. The “LI” Word in “LIGER” is adopted from “LION”, while “GER” word is specifically adopted from “TIGER”. This makes the whole word “LIGER”. The word “Liger” is a modern English word. In classical English this word never even existed. However, the word “Liger” might have different meanings in several other languages as well. Very few other languages in the word have adopted this word into their own language terms. Only Chinese, Korean and Estonian languages have their own words for liger. For example in Estonian language the word liger is termed as “Liikeri”. But in majority of the languages the word liger is pronounced as it is.

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The Word Liger.
The word Liger is a Hybrid Word.