Pyometra in Ligers: Are Ligers Vulnerable to Pyometra?

Pyometra is very rare within male ligers. Pyometra is mostly common lionesses. Female leopards are also vulnerable to the pyometra as well. On the other hand, the disease has found its presence within the tigers and ligers as well. So far there is only one case of liger having pyometra within the research studies (McCain et al., 2009). The presence of this diesease is also common within other big cats and mammals as well.

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Female Ligers are most likely to suffer from Pyometra.
Female Ligers are more vulnerable to the Pymetra Diseases. This picture belongs to 

However, the researchers conclude that lions are the ones which are mostly vulnerable to this pyometra. Moreover, the liger which experienced this disease was 16 years old while the other lions in the study were less than 14 years old. This may suggest that poymetra may take place within elderly ligers. This research is based upon the lions kept within captivity. The research on wild lions is a limitation because it may not be possible to examine them that much in a profound manner (McCain et al., 2009) and there are no wild ligers, therefore; poymetra within wild ligers is out of question.

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Liger and Tigers have less subjects of Pyometra.
Pyometra is not that much common within Ligers and Tigers. This statement is based upon few Researches that have shown that Pyometra is relatively less within the female ligers and tigers. 

The results clearly indicate 7 cases of pyometra among the ligers. 2 within the tigers while one each in leopards and ligers. Therefore, pyometra is never been a serious issue among the ligers. This finding also contradicts different statements that ligers are not healthy or their immune system is vulnerable. Liger in the above study’s findings has done as much better as other cats. But since there are only 27 ligers exist in the wild, it can still be very early to declare this statement. However, the single case of a liger with pyometra with a higher age gives a positive sign and shows that it is not that much frequent within ligers.There is a possibility that hybrid nature of the ligers might help them to be more resistive against pyometra but a lot of female liger samples are needed before one will be able to conclude this hypothesis.

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Ligers and Pyometra Cases.
The pyometra Research is shown above in the chart. This chart indicates that Pyometra is relatively less within the tigers and Ligers, while lions and Leopards have a lot of Pyometra cases.  

Sources and References

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Ligers and Pyometra Research.
Pyometra in Ligers is a relatively new subject. Since there are very few numbers of Ligers in the world. Therefore it is very early to conclude any assumption. So far only one subject of Pyometra has been found within the Ligers.