Liger Cubs Growth Rate

Liger cubs have a much faster growth rate as compared to the growth rate of the lions and tigers cubs. It is believed that tiger cubs have slightly faster growth rate than lions. Now we will try to prove that growth rate of the liger cubs is even faster than the growth rate of the tiger cubs. Table 1 indicates the growth of different liger cubs being recorded over different intervals. Usually the liger cubs are weighed almost the same as that of the tiger and lion cubs. But onwards, their growth rate is very fast.

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Liger Cub Resting on a Straw grass
A Liger Cub resting on a straw grass in an animal sanctuary. This picture is specifically displayed with permission of its owner  

From first week to about 2 months a liger cub experiences a 700 percent increase in its growth. This growth is specifically related with the growth of its weight. On the other hand from day 61 to day 120, A liger cub experiences 150 percent increase in its weight. This weight gain percentage is very high and is dominantly higher than the growth percentage of all the other bit or small cats all around the world.

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Liger Cubs Weight Percentage and Growth Chart.
Growth Percentage of the Liger Cubs from Day 1 to day 120.  

From 50 to 60 days, the liger cubs usually grow around 16 pounds in weights. At the age of 120 to 130 days, the liger cubs weigh around 40 pounds.

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Liger Graph Indicating Percentage Increase within Liger Growth.
Figure 1: Graph Showing a Percentage Increase in the Growth among Liger Cubs. 

According to the figure 1, the liger cubs gain a massive growth rate in terms of their weights from day 7 to day 60. They grow from 2 pounds to 16 pounds. This indicates a percentage increase of 700% from day 7 to day 31. Therefore, the liger cubs grow at a 700% increase in terms of their weights from day 7 to day 60.

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A liger cub stretching its owner
A Liger cub stretching its owner with full thrust. 

On the other hand, from day 61 to day 120, the liger cubs gain a weight of 40 pounds. This growth rate is around 150 percent. This is fast but it is not as much faster as in the beginning days from 7 to 60. But yet still during this interval of the days the liger cubs still grew more than double of their weights.

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Liger Cub taking warmth from sunshine
A liger cub relaxing in a warm sunshine at an animal sanctuary in United States.  

Therefore it can be primarily concluded that the liger cubs’ growth rate in terms of their weights is much faster from day 7 to day 60. After that the growth rate is fast in between 61 to 120 days, but yet still this growth rate is still not as much faster as compared to 7 to 60 days.

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Liger Cub of 120 Days Weighs around 40 Pounds.
A Liger Cub who is 120 Days old weighs around 40 Pounds. This Picture Belongs to