Ligers in Different Countries of the World

Among all the big cats, the hybrid big cats are the most rarest ones. There are many hybrid bit cats around. However, people love the big cats that are huge in sizes. But what if some of the big cat exceed the size of all the big cats by a margin of double. That big cat certainly creates a lot of excitment and curiousity among individual and that big cat is Liger. Ligers even though very rare in the world but they are highly popular among the people all around the world. Whenever, someone hears about ligers or learns about them, that individual is just highly amazed by such a huge animal.

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Hercules the liger along with Bhagavan Antle in United States.
Picture of Hercules the liger along with its master Mr. Bhagavan Antle at King Richard's Faire in United States. Photo Courtesy of  

Ligers are only available in very few numbers of countries around the world. Some countries have even put a ban on them, while others have continued to allowed them for both the financial and research basis as well. The exact population of the ligers is very difficult to estimate but closest estimates are possible as has studied nearly 90% of the ligers from around the world. Among the notable countries which are having ligers at their zoos and animal sanctuaries include United States, China, Russia, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Italy, India, and Taiwan.

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Liger at Harbin Zoo in China.
Picture of a liger from Harbin Zoo located in China. China is the home to the second highest numbers of ligers in the world. 

United States of America is a top country with maximum numbers of ligers. It is estimated that there are around 30 ligers alone in United States of America. Ligers are legal to breed, there, therefore, this population of ligers can be even near to 50 as well in the United States. Let alone, Dr. Antle owes 4 liger brothers Hercules, Sinband, Zeus and Vulcan. He also has 2 liger cubs as well. Similarly, many zoos in United States also have liger cubs as well.

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Liger Hercules lives in United States
Hercules is the biggest liger in the world. Hercules the liger lives in United States of America. Photo's permission sorted from  

The second biggest country to have ligers is China. Chinese zoos have been breeding lions and tigers for producing ligers for years now. The first liger cub was born there in 2002. But now in 2010, there are about more than 20 ligers in China. Yet alone one tigress has given birth to 12 ligers in China, which holds a world record.The third largest country to have ligers is Germany. It is estimated that Germany has around 9 ligers in the zoos and captivity.

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Liger from Germany Deutschland.
Germany is also a home to a large numbers of ligers in the world.  

Ligers are present in Russia as well. South Korea also has ligers. United Kingdom also has ligers in Salisbury zoo. There are also reports of ligers in France and Italy as well. India, where the first ever liger was born in the world also have ligers, but in very few numbers. South Africa also has ligers as well. Australia also have ligers and tigons at Canberra zoo and they drag huge amount of visitors to the park to be watched by the ligers. The estimates of indicate that currently there are nearly around 70 to 90 ligers in the world right now. The Sun's newspaper's claim was absolutely in this regard which predicted that around 2009 but has practically counted them and they are still working over it.

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Ligers' Presence by Countries 

Some countries have no ban on ligers yet still there are no ligers within these countries. Many Countries of Asia and Africa, has no laws against ligers. Even in Pakistan and India, you can have exotic big cats at home as long as they are not dangerous for the others. However; still there are no ligers within these countries. Pakistan has a lot of Tigers and lions, so cross breeding is possible. The same is true about India as well. There are also no laws against exotic big cats at homes within Kazakhastan, Turkemenistan and many more former states of Russian Federation.

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Liger in Korea Playing with its Tail at a Yongin Zoo South Korea.
A Liger in South Korean Yongin Zoo is playing with its tail. Ligers are very playful and they do have very mild personality.