Liger vs. The Great American Lion

The great American lion is an extinct big cat. But it is believed to be among the biggest among the wild cat species along with the great saber toothed tiger as well. They are believed to be existed over 11,000 years ago. The estimates indicate that the great American lion was about 1100 pounds. They were as long as 13 feet. They are believed to spread from North American to South America during their era.

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Liger Sleeping in a Chinese Zoo.
A Liger Sleeping at a zoo in China. China is the second spot in the world, if we count the total numbers of ligers around the world. Photo Courtesy of 

Liger on the other hand is a hybrid breed between lion and tiger. Some reports give the possibility that liger were also existed in the wild as well thousands of years ago, as the territories of lions and tigers would have been highly overlapped because of their huge populations. A liger usually weighs around 1000 pounds. One of the famous liger named as Hercules weighed 900 pound. It was declared as non-obese biggest liger in the world. A liger in Wisconsin was believed to be around 1600 pounds. That might make the liger one of the biggest cat creatures in the world.

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Liger vs Great American Lion - A weight Comparison.
Liger vs. the Great American Lion: A weight Comparison 

On the average weight an American lion might be the winner, as against the average weight of the liger, but the highest recorded weight of liger of 1600 pounds gives liger a big advantage to surpass the weights of American lion.American lions are believed to be as long as 13 feet. Ligers are recorded to be as long as 12 feet. This also gives a big advantage to the American lion as against the ligers.

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Liger vs. Great American Lion - Length Comparison.
Liger vs. the Great American Lion: A comparison of lengths 

• However, what is if the liger be produced through an American lion and tigress. The result can give even a huge cat the likes of which the world would have never seen before.

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Liger - The Great American Lion: A Comparison
Picture of a Liger at King's Richard Faire. Ligers are comparatively equal or can be bigger than the great American Lions which become extinct thousands of years ago. Photo Courtesy of  

• Another query can also be established since the weights of American lion and ligers are very close, maybe they might be misinterpreted as lions, while they would have been actually living ligers. This needs to be confirmed as well.

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The Great American Lion - The Biggest of all Big Cats.
Picture of a Great American Lion. The Great American Lion was believed to be biggest cat on earth. The Great American Lion was capable of bringing down prey as long as Mammoths and Elephants. This picture belongs to 

The Great American Lion was only bigger within United States. No one saw that lion in real life. Ligers are currently the biggest cats in the world and people have seen them (thanks to the Technology). If The Great American Lion would have survived, it would certainly have been a magnificent and most ferocious creature living at the planet Earth.

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Ligers are currently the Greatest American Lions.
Liger is currently the Greatest American lion on Earth. This picture Belongs to