Ligers and their Stripes

So far it is very clear that the ligers have stripes of the tigers and physique of the lions. The stripes of the ligers are also questionable as well to study. Tigers have dark stripes. They are so dark that they can be seen vividly dark. On the other hand the ligers have dim stripes and they are more or less likely to be dark brownish in the color. The pattern of designs of these stripes is exactly like that of the tigers. However, it should be remember that just like each and every tiger has a unique pattern of stripes on its skin, the same is true about ligers as well. Each liger has a unique pattern of stripes on its body as well.

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Liger Stripes
A vivid brownish pattern of stripes on the skin of a liger. This liger live in a Harbin zoo in China.  

When the liger cubs are born, the stripes of the ligers remain very dark. But as they grow younger, their stripes become dark brownish in color. In the older ages, the stripes of the ligers started to become dim and in some cases of the ligers they just completely diminish. This has been observed in a lot of photographs that a liger cub had very vivid stripes, but whereas the bigger ligers had a dull pattern of stripes.

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Liger Vulcan has a lot of stripes. All Stripes are unique, and more than the stripes of the tiger.
A vivid pattern of stripes of ligers with the comparison of tiger in the background of the picture. This picture of a Vulcan the liger which is a brother of Hercules the liger. 

Therefore, the stripes of the liger from the beginning till the ending stage starts to dim. There can be three phases first the earliest phase, where they are dark black, secondly when they become brown, and thirdly the dim period where it take more concentration to spot the stripes on the ligers.Whether the stripes of the tiger also become dim with the passage of time, remains a question. But their stripes remain highly vivid all of their lives.

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Ligers Stripes and Tabby Tiger Stripes resemble with one another.
A picture of a tabby tiger which people mistakenly consider as a liger. Their look like ligers but ligers from the above two pictures can be easily distinguished against tabby tigers. 

It is very important to note here that some people mistakenly consider tabby tigers as the ligers. Tabby tigers have the same color of stripes like that of the ligers. But tabby tigers are the breed of the tigers. They do not grow that much bigger like ligers. One of the best way to identify a tabby tiger from liger apart from weight and size is that they have more white color on their face as compared to the ligers.

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Ligers Puffy Tail resembling it with tail of a lion.
A liger in China with a puffy tail at its tip end. Ligers sometimes exhibit a plain tail with stripes resembling tigers, while sometimes they have puffy tip tails at the end with stripes. This puffy tip end of the tail resembles that of the lion's tail. 

The tails of the ligers also have the stripes just like that of the tigers. These stripes are less noticeable and most of the time usually merged with the actual brownish color of the ligers. But in many cases such strips of the ligers are vivid as well. In some cases the tails of the ligers specifically resemble with the mixture of tails of lions and tigers. For example the stripes occur on the ligers, but the tip of the tail have the puff like that of the lion. Lions usually have puff of hair at the tip end of their tails. Ligers can also possess such an attribute of having puffy tip end of the tail.

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Stripes of a Siberian tiger
A picture of a tiger at Harbin Zoo in china. This tiger has no stripes on its paws and front legs. While the ligers which we observed above had stripes on its legs as well. 

There is another important finding of the on the basis of the picture evidence which concludes that ligers has more stripes as compared to the tigers. Even though these stripes and dots are dim and light in color as compared to the tigers but they can be clearly seen from the phtographic evidence that they are more in numbers. Watch the second picture of Vulcan the liger and the tiger in the background, clearly liger had more stripes than it. This finding is yet to gain more more evidence and confirmation from liger experts but it looks very much like it. This difference is very mild and thin-line rather than highly vivid.

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Liger Hercules Skin Stripes.
Stripes of Hercules the Liger. You can vividly observe that a liger has too much stripes on its body. They are brownish and they resemble most likely with Tabby Tigers. This picture belongs to