Liger Rapido - The First Ever Korean Liger

In 1997, South Korea entered the list of a very few countries to actually produce a Liger in its own soil. It was the first ever liger in the history of the Korea. By that time only United States, South Africa, India and Germany were the few other countries where cross-breeding about Ligers was already done.

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Liger Rapido at Yongin Zoo in South Korea
Picture of a Male liger named as Rapido the liger. Rapido the liger was born in 1997. This picture is specifically authorized to by its owner  

The Liger cub was born at the Yongin city of Korea. Yongin has a huge natural and wild life park. Yongin zoo is very popular among the visitors and tourists. The name of this first ever Korean liger was Rapido. At the time of birth Rapido was about 1.6 pounds. The liger cub’s length was about 10 inches at the time of its birth.

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Liger Female Korean Yongin Zoo.
Picture of a female liger at the Korean zoo in Yongin Zoo South Korea. This picture is copyrighted and is only allowed to by 

Rapido the liger was born to the 7 year old African lion named as Saryong and 6 year old Siberian tigress named as Myongrang. The breed of the tigress was not confirmed though but unconfirmed sources do indicate that it was a Siberian tiger. Both the lion and tiger were highly honored by the authorities, when they gave birth to a liger.

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Liger Resting at Yongin Zoo in South Korea.
A Liger Resting at Yongin Zoo in South Korea. is authorized to display this picture by its owner 

Usually because of lesser space at the zoos and sanctuaries, ligers and tigers are kept together. Sometimes, they both become good mates, and this is where the mating starts. However, other times, intentional breeding is proceeded as well.

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Liger in Korean Zoo Watching other Tigers in the preserve
A liger at an Yongin Zoo in South Korea. The liger is curiously watching other tigers at the zoo. Special thanks to  

The keeper of the liger cub and other lions and tigers say that it was the first ever liger cub in the world without the process of insemination. Insemination is a process in which artificially sperms are added to the reproductive tract of the female tiger.

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Liger in Korea was born without Insemination Treatment.
Koreans believe that it is the first time that the liger was born without insemination. They believe that it was a natural and legitimate way of breeding lion and tiger to produce a liger. This picture belongs to 

However, this statement can never be confirmed, because a liger born in 1700s would have been born without insemination, in India as concept was absent by that time. So this claim might not be true. Currently Rapido the liger is very famous among the tourists visiting at the zoo. Rapido the liger lives at Everland Zoo in South Korea.

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Liger Rapido at Everland Zoo in South Korea.
Rapido the liger at Everland zoo in South Korea. Everland zoo is located at Yongin City in South Korea. This picture belongs to