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Ligers and the Lifestyles of their Parents (Tigers and Lions)

One thing is obvious a liger is a combination of male lion and a female tiger. What exactly will be the lifestyle of the liger? Well this question is still under research and their different behaviors have been identified. But as for their parents, much of their behaviors is already identified. The behavior of both the lions and tiger is different. They are very closely related big cats but their behavior are very unique and much distinctive from one another.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Lifestyle. Liger Lifestyle has both lions and tigers attributes.

The lifestyle of a liger is yet to be discovered at maximum in literature. It has been documented very rare in the literature and a lot of research and observation is required to understand its behavior. This image is displayed with the permission of 

Lions love to work in groups. They live in different prides. They like to hunt as a team. On the other hand tigers like to live alone. They hunt through an ambush, stealth or surprise. They just hide and surprise their prey. Lions also do like that but they do it as a teamwork effort and share their foods. African lions prefer to live on plain lands. On the other hand tigers prefer to live in dense jungles. This is also a conflict situation. Tigers’ stripes help them to be highly camouflaged in the dense jungles, while the brownish color of the lions helps them to be camouflaged on the plain grounds of Savannah.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Lions live in Groups and Prides. They even hunt in prides as a teamwork.

Lions live in prides and Groups. However, some lions also live a life of being alone or as nomadic as well. Solitary lions are very common in Asia as compared to Africa. Photo Courtesy of 

Therefore, the attacking habitats of both the lion and tiger are different. Which mode of attack and living will ligers choose if they have to live in wild? The answer can be they might prefer to hunt in packs or they most probably hunt on their own. After all it will be very easier for a liger to take down an African Buffalo on its own rather than an assistance from others as in the case of lions. And even this is possible some may prefer to be solitaire while the others may prefer to live as a pride. The conflict of genes is there within the ligers. Another possibility can be they mediate both characteristics and hunt as a team as well as in the solitary way.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger, Lions and tigers Behavior.

Lions and tigers behave differently. They hunt differently but this difference is not huge. Isolated and nomadic lions and tigers do share several common grounds. Photo Courtesy of 

However, according to some researchers it is too early to say that ligers actually exhibit conflicting genes which conflict their behavior. If there have been any information about like that, such information is based upon the speculation but not necessarily based on the facts. There is a need to develop new methods and tool to research about this species, so that more reliable and accurate results can be primarily generated (Boonicksen, 2009).

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Tigers live in Dense Jungles. Tigers prefer Green Environment.

Tigers love to live in dense jungles. This gives them a perfect camouflage. Photo courtesy of  

Here is another case scenario; Asiatic lions are solitary as well. What if the liger is produced through a male Asiatic lion and female tiger? Both the parents will be solitary hunter? The results of the liger will be very interesting to examine as well. Most of the literature indicates a cross between a male African lion and female tigress from Bengal or Siberia. Asiatic lions are hardly mentioned in the literature as one of the parents for the ligers. The limitation with the ligers is that none of the ligers are in wild and it makes very difficult for the researchers to research these possibilities. They are already in cages with a very little environment closer to the natural habitat.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Tigers Hunt Alone. Tigers are Solitary Big Cats.

Tigers prefer to hunt alone. They are capable of taking down huge preys including buffaloes as well. Copyrights apply Please do not copy this image. 

Sources and References

Bonnicksen, A.L. (2009). Chimeras, Hybrids and Interspecies Research: Politics and Policy-making. Washington: Georgetown University Press.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger resulting from an Asiatic Male Lion and Female Tiger.

It is highly possible that a liger from an asiatic lions and female tiger from India might behave differently as compared to the liger that is being bred with African lion and female tiger from Siberia. Photo Courtesy of