Liger vs. Saber-Toothed Tiger

Ligers have been living in earth for a last few centuries. This article compares ligers attributes and characteristics with that of the Saber-toothed Tigers. Saber toothed tiger was also an enormous beast among the family of big cats. However, very sadly this big cat has also become extinct over 10,000 years ago. This is a huge amount of time. Perhaps we can say that last of the Saber-toothed tigers have existed about 10 milleniums ago on earth (A single Mellenium is exactly equal to 1000 years). Saber toothed tiger used to have very very long canine teeth. Historically, their canines are regarded as the most longest than any other big cats that have ever existed on earth. These canines were spread out of the mouth of that big cat.The modern days' Warluses tusk can resemble much similar to the canines of saber-toothed Tigers. However, Saber-toothed tigers would have used them maximum to their hunting and prey-capturing perspective.

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Hercules the liger is a huge liger. Hercules weighs more than 900 pounds.
Hercules the liger weighs more than 900 pounds. Hercules the liger lives in Miami Florida. This Picture belongs to  

Saber toothed tiger is believed to be around 550 kg as well. It means the cat was usually around 1100 pounds. This makes saber toothed-tigers' size much bigger than modern days' big cats like lions. A modern day African lion weighs around 500 to 550 pounds. On the other hand a modern day Siberian Tiger weighs around 600 pounds. These figures make saber-toothed tigers as much bigger than lions and tigers. But the question still remains whether these big tigers are bigger or equivalent to modern days' ligers.

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Hercules the liger Loves milk. Moksha Bybee is an animal trainer.
Hercules is the biggest non-obese liger in the world that weighs more than 900 pounds. Hercules loves to have milk. In the picture an animal trainer Moksha Bybee. Photo Courtesy of 

Liger on the other hand also weight around 1100 to 1600 pound in maximum. This makes liger either at least equal or bigger than the saber-toothed tigers as well. Hercules the liger weighs about 900 pounds. But Ligers are fully capable of growing up to 1200 pounds. The data shows that either the liger was at least equal or even bigger in the size of the saber toothed tiger. 1100 pounds is the maximum predicted weight of that cat. With ligers normally reaching this weight and even having a record of 1600 pounds of liger remains the biggest cat in the world even from the historical perspectives as well.

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Liger Vs Saber Toothed Tiger
Liger vs. Saber-Toothed Tiger: A weight comparison 

Saber-toothed tigers used to live in American continents. That means they used to spread from North America to South America. No evidence of the Saber-toothed tigers have been recorded among other continents. Since America is discovered by Columbus a few hundred years ago, therefore, this can be the core reason for the obscurity of this tiger from the rest of the world. That can also be the fundamental reason why Saber-toothed tigers have less historical literature as compared to lions and tigers.

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Liger Climbing up its house in an animal sanctuary to have better veiw. Ligers are bigger than saber toothed tigers.
Ligers can be bigger than saber toothed tigers, but there is no conclusive evidence about it. On the paper it is true that ligers are bigger than saber-tooed tigers. Photo Courtesy of 

Saber-toothed tigers have lived and dominated the continent throughout different ages before becoming extinct 10,000 years. Its most prominent domination came in the blockbuster animated movie "Ice Age - 1" in which Diego tiger played the role of Saber Toothed tiger. considers the Diego's character role of that big cat as fundamental in creating awareness of the saber-toothed tiger among people, especially kids and teenager. Before that Saber-toothed tigers were mostly obscure from the awareness perspective. Even today many people are not aware of that massive big cat that has rocked the history some 10 milleniums ago.

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Saber Toothed Tiger. Comparison with Liger Weight.
Saber Toothed Tigers have long Extinct about 10,000 years ago. Their remains are only found today. And their body structures are specifically built within research labs. Their DNA Samples have also been analyzed as well.  

Ligers have smaller Canine Teeth when compared to Saber Toothed Tigers. None of the Big Cats in the world have big Canine Teeth (As big as that of the Saber Toothed Tigers). The Canine Teeth of the Saber Toothed Tigers were easily visible in a single instant. Ligers Canine Teeth are only visible when they open their mouth while yawning, roaring, eating or licking for cleaning.

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Ligers Canine Teeth are Smaller than Saber Toothed Tigers.
Ligers Canine Teeth are smaller as compared to the Saber Toothed Tigers. However; they are much bigger than all the cats that currently exists around the world. This picture belongs to