Liger news Coverage & Buzz

There were times, when lions and tigers use to take maximum coverage from the media people, about whenever something unique is found or happened to them. But these trends tend to be reversing a lot. Tigers and lions are both the endangered species. Ligers on the other hand are totally dependent on the existence of lions and tigers. The question remains which of these animals are catching the eyes of news and media personnel?

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Liger Cub taking milk from its master
A Liger Cub enjoying milk at an animal sanctuary. Photo Courtesy of 

Here is one fact. In Taiwan, in August 3 liger triple cubs were born. A lot of news coverage has been given to the ligers. Some of the coverage underwent to focus on legal issues. But it all counts, as how much focus is on ligers from media and news people.

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Liger News Coverage
News and Media Coverage About Ligers in Google News Results 

On the other hand in Serbia, two rarest white lion cubs were born. These were the first ever white lion cubs born in Serbia. Do the cubs receive a same amount of media support, coverage, and crosstalk? The answer is no. Below are the news statistics about the liger cubs and white lion cubs.

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White Tiger Cub.
Picture of a White Tiger Cub. White Tigers are very famous all around the world. However, when a news breaks out usually it is the ligers which gain maximum amount of attraction and news buzz. Image Courtesy of 

There were about 134 news articles specifically related to liger cubs that were born and sized in Taiwan. On the other hand there were only 3 news articles which dealt with the white lion cubs in Serbia. These results are retrieved from Google news articles and only deal with the articles in English language.White lions are very rare. The stakes of the study are the same. At one end we had first ever liger cubs in Taiwan, on the other hand, there are first ever white lion cubs in Serbia. But the results are here, the news people have more focused on liger cubs with a much more coverage as compared to white lion cubs.

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Liger Cub News Buzz.
Liger Cubs news Buzz is always far greater than the news buzz and popularity of the white lions, white tigers and even normal lions and tigers cubs. This picture belongs to  

It also shows that ligers are becoming popular among news people. News people know exactly, which contents people prefer the more. Can we say ligers are more popular than white cubs? This can be true from these statistics.Therefore, anything that will primarily represent the liger, that information will create a buzz, while white lions, white tigers, and other lions, it looks like a normal information for individuals and for the news people.

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Liger Cubs are famous than Lions and tigers Cubs.
Picture of a White Tiger and White Lion cubs. Both of these cubs are very cute and people love to watch them. However, since ligers are very rare, therefore, their news buzz whenever and wherever it occurs, it is always far more than the Lions and tigers cubs. This picture belongs to