Liger Weights - Male vs Female Liger Weights

Like all the cats, either smaller or bigger, the males are dominant in terms of their strength and weights as compared to the females. A male liger weighs around 1000 to 1500 pounds. On the other hand a female liger weighs around 800 to 1000 pounds. For the sake of the research purposes, it is very safe to say that male ligers weight around 1000 pounds, while the female ligers weight around 800 pounds (Helium, 2008).

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Liger Male Female Weights.
Male Ligers always weigh around more than 800 to 1600 pounds. Female Ligers Weigh around 600 to 800 Pounds. Female Ligers are smaller, but they are still as big as Male African Lions. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, the male ligers are bigger as compared to the female ligers. This is not a surprising result in cats. Even in domestic cats, the male cats are bigger than the female cats. Male lions are bigger than female lions. The same is true about the tigers as well. Male tigers are bigger than the female tigers. Even the Siberian male tiger weighs more than a male African lion.

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Liger Male 900 Pounds.
A Male Liger Weighs around 900 to 1600 pounds. Male Ligers can be as bigger as possible, but usually they are not given that much food, because otherwise they may become obese. This picture belongs to 

In animals, there are very few species, whose females are bigger than the males. Among carnivores, Hyenas are one of the most notable ones, which the female Hyenas are bigger than the male Hyenas and females dominate their territories.

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Liger Female Weighs 800 pounds. Female Ligers are smaller than male ligers.
A Female Liger Weighs around 600 to 800 pounds. Female Ligers are much bigger as compared to the female Lionesses, and Tigresses. This picture belongs to 

Some Ligers are also believed to be reaching the weight of around 1600 Pounds. This is very rare event, but such ligers were too much big and were considered obese. Hercules the liger is 900 pounds. His owner states that he can be around 1200 pounds very easily, if he gives him a lot of food but that will make him obese and a non-active liger. Hercules is a very active liger than weighs around 900 pounds.

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Liger Hercules Weighs 900 Pounds.
Hercules the Liger weighs around 900 Pounds and is considered is currently the biggest liger in the world. However; the biggest ligers in the world have also surpassed the weighs beyond 900 Pounds as well. This picture belongs to 

Some Female Ligers do not gain as much weight as compared to the male Ligers. For example Shasta the liger just weighed around 400 pounds at maximum. At the time of its death Shasta was around 900 pounds. This picture belongs to

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Female Ligers Sometimes weigh around 400 pounds too.
Female Ligers sometimes weigh around 400 pounds. This picture belongs to