Rajani Ferrante and Ligers

Rajani Ferrante is a facility manager at the T.I.G.E.R.S (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species) preserve centre in United States. She raised four liger cubs named as Hercules, Zeus, Sinbad, and Vulcan at the T.I.G.E.R.S. preserve. All of these four ligers are brothers. According to her they have all lived with her in her house when they were just small cubs.

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Rajani Ferrante feeding milk to Hercules the liger.
Rajini Ferrante Feed Milk to Hercule the Liger. She has raised Hercules the liger since it was a little cub. Special thanks to the owner of the picture to authorize this picture for www.ligerworld.com website.  

All of these liger cubs stayed at home for the initial training for about four to five months. She said, they grew extremely big during those four to five months and then they were transferred permanently to the sanctuary with other big cats too. According to reliable information sources online, a liger's cub grow on average one pound per day during the first year of their life. However, ligerworld.com websites' findings conclude that they grow much faster from 4th to 12th month of their life with more than 1 pound per day as well.

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Liger Hercules with its trainer Rajani Ferrante.
Hercules the liger with its Trainer Rajini Ferrante. Hercules and 3 other ligers Zeus, Vulcan and Sinbad consider her as their mother as she has raised them since they were little cubs. This image is specifically displayed with the permission of its owner who has also requested to give appreciation to http://www.myrtlebeachsafari.com/ 

Rajini Ferrante thinks them as her children. She said she has been dealing with them much more than people actually do with their own children. She was with them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and all the liger cubs have a great bond with her. Truly it becomes huge work and duty if an individual specifically deals with animal babies as one can barely understand their exact chemistry of behavior as compared to human babies.

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Rajani Ferrante Training Hercules the liger.
Rajini Ferrante Training Hercules the liger at Myrtle Beach Safar in United States. This picture is specifically displayed with complete authorization of its owner. 

When asked, whether she is scared of those big cats, the answer was no. She said, since she has raised them and lived with them all of her life, she has never been felt any threat from them and neither the ligers felt any threat from her. She said, jumping out of an airplane might be scary for her but living with the ligers is no such fear. Ligers also have a great respect for Rajini Ferrante as well and thinks of her as equivalent to their ultimate caretaker.

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Rajani Ferrante training animals
Rajini Ferrante is a highly experienced animal trainer at Myrtle Beach Safari. ligerworld.com has gained exclusive rights to display this picture on their website from its owner. The owner of the picture has requested to give credit to http://www.myrtlebeachsafari.com/ 

She also stated that the ligers and other big cats like the classical and to certain extent easy listening music while traveling. If we turn on, any rock or rap song, they just start moaning and whining but the moment they are switched to the classical music ambience, they stay with a great degree of comfort.

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Liger Mother Rajani Ferrante
Ligers at Jungle Island consider Rajani Ferrante as their Mother as she has raised them ever since they were little cubs. 

Rajani Ferrante believes that there is a big bond of trust and friendship in between her and the ligers. They wait for their turn that they are going to go out with their trainer, will play, have fund and enjoy the life. This is how the ligers live there in T.I.G.E.R.S. wild cat sanctuary in United States. When one get these responses of ligers from the liger experts, how can one say or label such animals as confused species? In fact the malgined and made-up stories against ligers all get a better answer when one reads about a liger expert like Dr. Antle or Rajini Ferrante or China York.

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Rajani Ferrante has a strong bond with ligers such as Sinbad, Hercules, Zeus and Vulcan the Liger.
Rajani Ferrante has a great bond with 4 huge ligers which included Hercules the Liger, Sinbad the Liger, Vulcan the liger and Zeus the Liger. Rajani Ferrante has raised them all since they were small cubs. This picture belongs to 

Rajani Ferrante still loves to feed the liger cubs which she has raised from their childhoods. Now they are more than mature ligers of around 10 years old, and they still like milk and feeder, especially if their caretaker Rajani Ferrante is feeding them.

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Rajani Ferrante feeds milk to the ligers.
Rajani Ferrante Still loves to feed all the 4 liger cubs. They all recognize her, and always consider Rajani as their mother and real care-taker. Rajani often feed them milk on many exhibitions as well.  

Most of the times Rajani Ferrante loves to feed her beloved liger Hercules the Liger. Hercules the liger is a very mild personality liger who rarely shows any signs of aggression and irritation. Hercules remains calm in front of the public and this is the key reason that Rajani Ferrante always love to feed Hercules the liger in front of the large public gatherings.

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Liger Hercules loves Rajani Ferrante. She loves to feed Hercules the liger.
Rajani Ferrante loves to be with Hercules the Liger.  

Rajani ferrante loves to teach people about different powerful and unique skills which Hercules the liger possesses. In the picture below Rajani Ferrante is displaying the skills of Hercules the liger, but making him reach for a 13 feet high meat. A Liger can truly reach 13 feet without making much of the efforts.

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Liger Skills illustrated by Rajani Ferrante. A Liger can easily grab 13 feet prey in the air.
Picture of a Rajani Ferrante illustrating the people about the maximum height about which a liger can reach. (13 Feet).