Can a Liger Survive in a Wild?

One of the most important questions about ligers is that can ligers survive in the wild? The answer is why not? There has been a lot of information that it is impossible for the ligers to survive in the wild. This article will explore all the possibilities for which a liger can exist in wild especially in forests of India, Africa and even in the North and South America. After all the higher food demand requirement of liger will not that much bigger problem for liger at all to actually live in the wild.

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Liger Wild Survival is very much Possible but it is dependent upon the availability of the food.
Ligers' survival in the wild will definitely depend upon the availability of the food resources for the Ligers. The biggest danger will be the availability of meat because ligers can face starvation in the wild. This picture belongs to 

First most important thing is that, the force, speed and strength of the liger. Ligers are capable of running at 50 to 60 miles per hour. This speed is faster than that of the lions. Ligers have more than 100% strength than that of lion or tiger alone. Big size can be a bit disadvantage, but to me there should be no problem for a liger to catch and take down the African wild buffalo on its own. If a lioness can take down a zebra and wildebeest much bigger than lionesses, ligers despite fewer pounds small than the African buffalo can easily grab it and take it down by suffocating. It has huge paws, huge mouth; there shouldn’t be any problem for a liger to take down that much large prey. Ligers speed can easily allow them to catch the buffalo.

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Liger Speed in the Wild for Hunting the prey.
Since ligers' Speed is very fast, it can be a decisive weapon for the ligers to grab any kind of prey that is either bigger or smaller. At the current recorded speed which is 50 to 60 Miles per hour for a liger, a liger can easily grab a big meal such as an African Buffalo. This picture belongs to 

With the speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour a liger can successfully ambush and take down any of the antelopes whether gazelles, zebras, or wildebeest near the water reservoirs. After all the animals will always come there, no matter what!

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Liger can ambush on other animals in the wild. Liger can Ambush Zebras and buffaloes.
Ligers' Ambushing Tactic will also be very much decisive for hunting down preys as well. Ligers in the wild can ambush Gazelles, Zebras, Buffaloes, Warthogs and even wildebeests as well.  

Another big possibility of the liger can be his ability to scavenge. If just a 450 to 500 pound African lion can scavenge a food from any of the predator including the lionesses, it should not be any problem for the ligers to scavenge the food from the lionesses, even male lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and even leopards. A liger can easily confront with lioness, male lion, or any other predator at the plains of Africa.

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Liger Wild Survival as a Scavenger. Liger can Scavenge other Big Cats foot.
Ligers can also sit back and relax and wait for the scavenging. Majority of the big cats in Africa are highly dependent on scavenging others food rather than totally relying on hunting. Ligers are powerful and no one will bother to fight them and leave the food for them easily. This picture belongs to 

Ligers are highly social. Almost all the liger owners say that ligers are very friendly, playful and like to be around with their mates. African lion is also a very social animal. This gives a possibility of the liger’s accumulation within any of the lions’ pride in Africa. Having the accumulation of the liger in any of the Africa’s lion pride, will make that pride indestructible by any of the nomadic lions whether 2 or more. However, the male lions’ presence along with the liger can give another big advantage. So all the liger will have to do will be to defend the territory and have its meal, either male or female. Even a female liger will be capable of taking down male African lions.

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In the Wild a liger can easily join a lion Pride. A liger can be a defender of that pride and if it creates a bonding with another lion within the pride, it will be a great opportunity for the ligers to defend the pride against nomadic lions. The Nomadic lions will not fight with ligers and they do not stand any chance against such a massive big cat. This picture belongs to 

The size of the ligers should not be a matter. Ancient American lions and saber toothed tigers were as big as the ligers, if they had survived for thousands of years, why not a single liger in its entire lifespan. Finally what about hippopotamus, ligers love to swim and drag any of them easily out, especially their young ones. With these much amount of possibilities, how can one say that a liger cannot exist in the wild? These evidences are huge enough to make the ligers survival facing any perils in the African planes. The only disadvantage for the liger, if the rumors about them being sterile, but scientific evidence have proven them wrong because female ligers have given births, as well as high levels of testosterones we present within ligers.

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Liger in the Wild can hunt through Swimming. A Liger can Swim in the wild and hunt down Hippopotamus.
Ligers love to swim. In the wild Liger can be a great water hunter too. They can easily grab big water prey such as a Hippopotamus. This will be a lot easier for a liger to survive and it will almost fulfill the food requirement of the liger all the time.  

The only disadvantage for the liger, if the rumors about them being sterile, but scientific evidence have proven them wrong because female ligers have given births. Male Ligers still have not been successful enough In my view this it is highly immature to rule down the possibility of the ligers to exist in the wild. It may never make a sense at all, after giving all of the evidences above. • Ligers can be ambush hunters. • Ligers can grab the prey down through their strength. • Ligers can grab the prey down through their speed. • Ligers can scavenge with a very little problem on the lands of Savannah. • Ligers can swim and hunt big preys. • There will be no scare for the liger from other predators; even male African lions do not stand any chance against them. • Why people say it is not possible for the creature to exist in the wild?

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Female Ligers can Survive better in the wild as compared to the male ligers in the wild.
The survival for a female liger in the wild will be far greater as compared to the male Liger. Female ligers can reproduce with lions and tigers. Male ligers are believe to be sterile so far (Research is underway about final judgment). A Female liger will be as strong as a male African Lion and fighting with any of the big cats will not be a problem for that female liger. A female liger can easily become the Queen in the wild which can rule even the male lions and male tigers too. This picture belongs to