Weights of Ligers, Lions and Tigers

Ligers are undoutedly the biggest cats in the world whether it comes to length, body size or their weights. The core question still remains how much maximum they can grow? This is a big question mark. But normally they usually gain a weight of around 900 to 1200 pounds. This is very normal for a liger to gain a weight of that much. On the other hand ligerworld.com has also witnessed some ligers that weighed less than 900 pounds as well. Hercules which is the most famous liger in the world in the current era weighs more than 900 pounds.

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Siberian Tigers Weigh more than 600 Pounds.
A Siberian Tiger Weighs 600 Pounds. Siberian Tigers are the biggest tiger species on Earth. Bengal tigers are smaller than the Siberian Tigers.  

However, ligers in reality can reach the weight of nearly 1200 pounds. This makes liger a huge beast. A liger easily out-weights the size of both of its parents lion as well as tigress. Plus, even if weights of both the parents are combined even then liger still outweights its parets. But that was all about ligers. What about Tigers and lions? How much each of these two big cats weigh? Lions are believed to be very huge for ages.

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A Liger weighs around 900 Pounds.
A Liger is capable of growing 900 Pounds Weight and beyond to the maximum weight of around 1600 Pounds.  

Many people believe that lions weigh more than tigers. But this myth is actually wrong. Because tigers are the ones which weigh more than lions.. Very surprisingly, the male tiger out-weighs the male lion with a factor of nearly 100 pounds. These statistics are specifically true for the Siberian tigers. Siberian Amur tiger weighs nearly 100 pounds more than a male African lion.

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Lions from Africa Weighs around 500 Pounds.
An African Lion Weighs around 500 Pounds.  

A tiger weighs around 600 pounds. This is specifically true about the male tigers. On the other hand male African lions can specifically reach the weight of around 500 pounds which is lesser than that of the tiger. A figure below indicates the maximum amount of weights which these big cats can gain (Chaffin, 2008). The highest weight of a tiger ever recorded on earth is more than 700 pounds.

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Ligers are the heaviest Big cats in terms of Weights. They can even weigh more than 1600 Pounds of weight too.
Ligers are the heaviest in terms of their weights. However; some Siberian Tigers are believed to reach 900 Pounds too but that would be an exceptional case. Under an exceptional case a liger can grow 2000 Pounds as well.  

However, tigers do have smaller species as well, for example Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger etc. Therefore, the weights of the tigers vary according to the species. In the above example the weight of the Siberian tigers are specifically considered. A Bengal tiger at maximum gains a weight of nearly 500 pounds. The Asiatic male lion weighs also less than male African lion. The Asiatic lion weighs 450 pounds. The fourth biggest cat on earth is Jaguar. Jaguar looks more familiar to Leopard but it weighs twice bigger than the Leopards. But ligers are truely the biggest and ultimate cat in the world.

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Liger, Lion and Tiger Weight Comparison.
The Weight Comparison of Liger, Lion and Tiger is shown above. Clearly Liger is the winner when it comes to the weight and the biggest and heaviest cat of the world.