Freckles the Liger Having Teeth Surgery

By the time the Freckles the liger reached the big cat rescue it was about 16 years old. It almost lost its all of teeth. One could see the condition of its teeth as soon as the liger opens its mouth for respiration. As per record of the Freckle, in its lifespan, Freckle the liger is not treated well. Tooth decay is associated with poor and unhygienic living conditions, high bacteria presence and even starvation as well. All of these factors significantly indicate that Freckles the ligers was not treated well at all.

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Liger Freckles lost all of its Teeth. Tooth Decay and Freckles the liger.
Tooth Loss is not that much common within Big Cats. But Freckles the liger all of its teeth because she had always been living in Poor conditions. This picture belongs to 

The Big Cat Rescue sanctuary then decided to help this cat by doing surgery of the teeth. Since no one handles Freckles the liger directly or by touching it, therefore, it was almost impossible to shift it without sedating. For this purpose they sedated the liger and then later they transferred the liger to the hospital. All the arrangements were made and tested prior the arrival of the liger. Before the surgery the liger was weighed as well. Freckles the liger weighed 425 pounds before the surgical procedure. The surgery became successful and later on the liger was transferred back to the sanctuary.

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Freckles the Liger weighed 425 pounds before the Surgery. Female Ligers are also known to be bigger than other Female within the Big Cats Categories. This picture belongs to 

The animal was allowed to awake up after the surgery, before actually transferring it back. Initially animal was not happy about being sedated. Moreover, the liger did not even take the food for 2 days or so.

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Liger Freckles Surgery Time. It took 2 hours to awake up for Freckles the liger.
Freckles the liger awoke up after 2 hours when its Surgery was accomplished. The liger was certainly not happy, and it stopped eating for couple of days. Just after the few days, when the pain of Freckles the liger abated, Freckles the liger started eating again. This picture belongs to 

A week later the animal was totally normal and it was doing 100% fine with its teeth. But it was given boneless meat in the beginning so that her teeth become more stable before chewing something harder. This is a big achievement of the big cat rescue team sanctuary team. Moreover, they have set a great example by doing the teeth surgery of the animal.

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Liger Freckles Teeth (Tooth) Recovery after the Surgery.
Freckles the liger recovered to normal after the surgery. The liger can easily now eat all kinds of meats. Through the surgery, the rotten and Decayed Tooth were removed; while artificial tooth were inserted within its mouth. This picture belongs to