Liger vs. Gaur

Gaurs are the biggest cattle in the wild. They are bigger than African Cape Buffaloes and North American Bison. However, there have been some reports that tigers are believed to kill Gaurs in India. Tiger is a very active predator and it kills its prey with nimbleness, stealth and with a great degree of surprise. Lions and even ligers do not possess such nifty skills of the tigers. But the question remains whether the bigger size of the ligers is enough to kill a Gaur itself.

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Liger and Gaur.
Can a liger take down a prey as big as a Gaur? That's the key crux of this article. Special thanks to imacericg to authorize this picture for the website. The owner of the picture has specifically instructed website to give credit to  

A Gaur weighs around 3000 to 4000 pounds. This makes it the biggest cow family cattle in the world. Liger weighs around 900 pounds. A liger cannot take down any other prey as big as 3000 pounds to 400 pounds. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a single liger can take down a huge prey like Gaurs. If the ligers have the hunting skills of tigers, this might prove out to be true as 500 pound Bengal tigers are believed to take down 3000 pound huge gaurs.

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Liger vs Gaur - Weigh Comparisons

Evidence from Youtube shows a tiger feeding on the gaur. But there is no confirmation that whether the Gaur was ill, or it already died of natural causes before tiger considered it as a meal. No documentary in the world and no program on the animal planet shows a tiger killing a gaur. Therefore, this still is not possible to conclude that a tiger is capable of killing a gaur. But there is no doubt that tigers are powerful, cunning, and expert hunters. Unlike lions, tigers hunt alone, that further makes them more ferocious and dangerour predators knowing more tactics to pull down a prey on their own.

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Gaurs are the biggest cattle on earth.
Gaurs are the biggest Cattle on earth. They can weigh more than 4000 pounds. This makes them the heaviest cattle on earth. A huge thanks to Dustin Holmes for authorizing this picture for the website.  

However, it is still awesome to analyze the two great animals in general. Ligers are the biggest cats on earth. On the other hand Gaurs are the biggest cattle on earth. At one end we have got top cat instinct predator, while on the other hand we have got top herbivores prey. But Gaurs are surely mammoth cattle and it may not be possible for any predator on its own to bring down a gaur.

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A comparison of Gaur and a  Liger
A comparison of a Gaur and a Liger. Gaurs are highly powerful and fearless cattle. They are found in abundance at Indian forests. However, Gaurs are also considered as endangered species as well. Photo Courtesy of Dustin Holmes 

But Gaurs are surely mammoth, massive and huge cattle and it may not be possible for any predator on its own to bring down a gaur.

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Liger vs Tiger vs Gaurs - A Comparative Study
If a Gaur is a Tiger's prey, then for a liger, it might be just a matter of few energy bursts before making Gaur as its own prey.