Liger Birth Record - Maximum Births

A tigress in Chinese Hainan Tropical wildlife zoo holds the record for giving birth to maximum numbers of ligers in her life. The tigress in 2007 was more than 6 years old. Currently she will be around 14 years of age, if she would have been alive as of 2015. The name of this tigress is Huan Huan. This tigress has been mating since 2002 with an Asiatic lion.

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Liger Births Record. A Tigress Huan Huan Gave birth to record 12 Ligers.
Numbers of Liger Cubs birth by a Tigress in a China named as Huan Huan. This Tigress has given birth to record 12 ligers. More than 70% of these ligers have survived and they are doing fine within Chinese Zoo at Hainan Province.  

Until 2007, the tigress had given birth to 12 ligers in its life. In 2007, the tigress gave birth to four quadruplet liger cubs. Previously, the tigress had also given birth to liger twins as well during 2005. The name of those liger twin cubs was Ping Ping and An An. None of the other tigress has been recorded to give these much numbers of births to liger cubs. The tigress belongs to the North Eastern Chinese Tiger Breed also known as Amur tiger which are capable of growing more than 600 pounds.

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Liger Survival Rate in China.
Ligers Survival Rate is higher in China. The Ligers Born by the Tigress Huan Huan, had more than 80% of the survival Rate. Ligers have only made a survival in the captive breeding programs. Their survival in the wild will me a massive task and may not be possible. This picture belongs to 

Out of total 12 liger cubs which this tigress has given birth to, 10 of them have actually survived, while two of them have died. This is also a world record as well, that out of 12 liger cubs 10 liger cubs have survived at any cross breeding program. Therefore; the mortality rate of the ligers was very low from this female tigress Huan Huan. There are some myths that the mortality rate of the liger cubs is very high. However; if we go through the statistics of Huan Huan the tigress and her birth rate of the liger cubs, then all the mortality related myths will definitely prove out to be fully rubbish indeed.

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Tigress record births for a Ligers. The name of the Tigress is Huan Huan.
This is a picture of Huan Huan Tigress. She holds the record for giving births to record numbers of ligers. Huan Huan lives at Chinese Province of Hainan. This tigress belongs to Northeastern Breed of the Ligers (close to the Siberian Tiger). This picture belongs to  

Mortality rate as a factor is always present within big cats such as tigresses, lionesses and leopardesses. So if a liger cub has died during the time of birth this does not mean that liger cubs have high degree of mortality rate. It is also believed that mortality rate of the captive big cats is higher, but yet still there is no proof of it. Eighty three percent ligers have survived at the birth by the tigress Huan Huan. On the other hand 17% liger cubs have died. So this mortality rate is not bad at all for the ligers after all.

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Liger Mortality Rate in China.
The Mortality rate of the ligers in this observation was just 17% which is reasonable within any big cats cubs. Therefore, so far the ligers mortality rate looks quite normal according to this Chinese observation. This picture belongs to  

A liger Zoo named as Myrtle Beach Safari at South Carolina holds a record for having maximum births of ligers. Tigresses have given birth at this liger zoo at a record numbers than any other liger zoo in the world. Therefore; maximum numbers of ligers are born at this liger zoo and Myrtle Beach Safari will definitely hold for having record numbers of liger births. Dr. Bhagavan Antle also belongs to Myrtle Beach Safari South Carolina and also Hercules the liger (The biggest liger in the world) is also part of this liger zoo. Also the first ever white liger cubs were also born at this liger zoo.

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Liger Cub birth at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA.
Picture of a Liger Cub at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA. Myrtle Beach Safari holds the record for maximum numbers of liger cubs. Photo Courtesy of