Ligers Deaths & Causes

Evaluating different causes of deaths of ligers over different periods of times can really help to develop understanding about ligers and their diseases. Moreover, such an investigation can also help to determine, whether there are some similar cases of ligers’ cause of deaths or they are different? Similar cases will indicate that there are some genetic short-comings of the ligers which need to be taken into account. On the other hand different death cases will indicate, they are just the normal species just like other wild cats which are tamed at the cages and sanctuaries.

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Liger Shasta Died of Kidney Failure.
Shasta the liger died because of Kidney failure. Shasta the liger is one of the most famous ligers among the hybrid cats' history. Photo Courtesy of 

The first case starts with one of the most famous liger Shasta. A female liger, which held a maximum record of living. Shasta lived for 24 years the largest age recorded for a liger. The cause of the death of Shasta was the Kidney failure. Moreover, according to some other sources Shasta the liger also sufered from Arthritis as well.

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Shasta the liger Lived very long.
Shasta the liger lived very long about more than 24 years. Shasta holds the world record for living that much long. Photo Courtesy of  

Another liger named as Samson which also reached the double digit age died because of renal failure. In other words kidney failure as well. So we have two cases of ligers that conclude a common death because of kidney failures, one in female and one in male.

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Samson the liger died because of kidney failure.
Samson the liger died because of Kidneys failure. There are some speculations that ligers die because of kidney failures but there is no proof that ligers always have kidney failures. Photo Courtesy of 

Among the liger cubs the mortality is very common. Usually the female tigers which give the birth for the first time do not care much about the cubs and they die. This is also common with the lionesses as well. In 2007, a liger cub at the birth died because of genetic failure. However, its other three siblings survived with no such an issue. A world record holder tigress which has given birth to record 12 cubs at different births over the years, had only 2 liger cubs which died out 12.

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Liger Cubs Death at Birth.
It is very common for the liger cubs to die early at their birth. This mortality rate is also higher among tiger cubs as well. Photo Courtesy of 

Among the two liger cubs which were seized from the Taiwan, one of them just died because of very poor immune system. According to the authorities, these liger cubs were underweight as well. However, the question is why was it necessary to seize them away from their mother? The cub which died had genetic problems, fluid in its lungs and also kidney problems too.

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Liger Cubs have high mortality
Liger cubs can have high mortality rates but this is just a myth. This myth is not proven yet but the amount of deaths of ligers cubs are usually common along with the tiger and lion cubs as well. Still a lot of required to research about liger cubs. Photo Courtesy of  

A liger named as Nook was euthanized after it was being diagnosed with the bone cancer in captivity. This would probably be the first bone cancer case among the ligers. Nook the liger also lived for more than 20 years which is a tremendous for any big cat to live up that much long.

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Liger Nook Died because of Cancer.
Nook the liger lived for 20 years and died because of bone cancer. Nook the liger was believed to weigh more than 1500 pounds. Photo Courtesy of