Ariana the Liger - Liger Profile

Ariana is a female liger that lives in United States. Ariana was earlier raised from childhood to adulthood by a private owner. She lived as an exotic pet at some home in United States. But later the pet owner realized that, he may no longer be able to take care of such a huge animal. As a result of it, he decided to abandon her but fortunately for Ariana the liger, Wildlife Ways Station existed in United States which is a home to abandoned and orphaned animals. Ariana was quickly transferred to Wildlife Way Station in United States.

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Liger Ariana lives in United States.
Ariana the Liger lives at United States of America. This liger was abandoned by its owner. This Photo belongs to 

Ariana was transferred there in 1994. Ariana at that time was a fully grown female liger. Even at 2008 news article, Ariana was doing fine in the Wild Life Way Station. By now, 2010, Ariana the female liger will be more than 16 years old. This is an amazing age for a female liger to live for that long. Her age also proves all the myths wrong that ligers do not live long. She is still living a very healthy life.

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Liger Ariana is 16 years old.
Ariana the Liger is about more than 16 years old. This Picture belongs to 

According to the weight estimates, Ariana was not that much heavier in the weight as the ligers are believed. Ariana was 400 pounds in weight according to the estimates during 2008. At 400 pounds Ariana the liger is still almost as big as a an adult lion or a tiger. Female ligers are not known to gain as much weight as compared to the male ligers but yet they still grow up much bigger when compared with the female lionesses.

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Liger Ariana Weighs 400 Pounds.
Liger Ariana weighs 400 Pounds. This weight is very less for a Liger. Ligers are known to have weight more than 900 pounds. This picture belongs to 

Unfortunately Ariana was one of those exotic cats who are intentionally produced for the financial reasons. People love to take photographs with them. They like to show their exotic pets to others. This lasts till the people realize that the animal is big enough and they may no longer be able to take care of it.. Ariana is a victim of such a process but fortunately for her she just found a right home in the form of Wildlife Ways Station. She is free of worries now and she is living a healthy and stable life.

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Ariana the liger was a victim of Cruelty. The current Photograph is of Hercules the Liger from Jungle Island.