Liger Cubs - Malinka & Leloo

Malinka and Leloo are the two twin liger cubs that live at United States of America. These two liger cubs were born in United States. Both of these liger cubs are about 9 months old. Their age is specifically recorded on September 2010. Their weights are not yet confirmed by the sources. Both of these ligers live at the Jungle Island zoo at Miami. They have a special enclosure for tigers and ligers. Both of these ligers are specifically located in that tigers/ligers enclosure.

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Liger Cubs Malinka & Leloo. These Liger Cubs live in Miama USA.
Liger Cubs Malinka & Leloo lived in United States of America at the Famous Jungle Island located in Miami.  

Both of these cubs have been already sponsored by different business entities to create an awareness program and raise the funds for the wild animals at the sanctuary, where, they live. For example a suburban restaurant at Miami named as Pizza & Grill recently sponsored both of these cubs along with other animals including tigers, dogs and gators etc.

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Liger Cubs and Sponsorship. This helps authorities to increase attention of the event.
People have already started to sponsor these liger cubs at various events. Presence of liger cubs certainly increase the attention of the event.  

Both the cubs Malinka and Leloo have been regularly trained by their trainers. Usually the ligers at the captivity like lions and tigers are trained throughout their life. This training helps them to be less aggressive, friendlier, and more social and they become less dangerous.

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Liger Cubs Training. This liger Training helps to build their future behavior and interaction.
Liger cubs and all the big cats cubs initial training is very important! Because of this training, all the behavior and interaction of the liger cubs or big cats cubs is shaped and based in the future. This picture belongs to 

On the other hand, this training in return helps the trainers to learn more about liger cubs as well. The trainers at the Jungle Island have an experience of about more than 10 years with the big cats, yet they still believe, each day and even at every instant, there is something unique to learn about the bit cats and specifically about ligers, about whom, very little is being explored.

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Liger Cubs Trainer has an average of more than 10 years of experience.
Training is an essential part of the liger cubs. All the trainers at the Jungle Island which is located in Miami has more than a decade experience with the big cats.  

Sources and References

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Liger Cub miami. Miami is the home to the largest numbers of ligers in the world.
Picture of a Liger Cub. This liger cub is playing at a zoo located in Miami United States.