Why Ligers are Illegal? It is Worthless

This article specifically criticizes about a vague ruling which restricts people from mating lions and tigers to give birth to the ligers. Ligers are illegal in certain parts of the world especially in Taiwan. The root cause of the rule is very good. They want to protect the tigers and lions as tigers and lions are endangered species all around the world. Truly a great route cause, but from the arguments it appears and comes out as a very vague, and unnecessary ruling. That's what we conclude that It is worthless to declare ligers as being illegal.

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Ligers are illegal in Taiwan.
Liger are illegal in Taiwan. Ligers are declared illegal because the motive behind ligers is to protect lions and tigers. Both lions and tigers are endangered species in the world. This picture belongs to  

Let’s calculate the population of the tigers globally. There are nearly 3200 left in the wild. But anyone knows, how, many tigers alone in the captivity and as pets in United States of America. The figure will be surprisingly amazing. There are more than 20,000 tigers living as pets, and as zoo animals in United States of America. Now the question is whether these tamed ligers which are more than 20,000 in numbers, actually end up in the wild? Is there a natural mechanism in which they just end up in wild with their friends and live on their own? The answer is no. They live all their lives in that habitat. Then the root cause proves out to be wrong, that ligers are illegal because they want to preserve the future of lions and tigers.

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Liger Illegal and Tiger Saving Strategy May never work.
Making Ligers illegal may never save Tigers. The current liger breeding program is happening in captivity. The captive population of the ligers, tigers and lions will never be endangered by breeding ligers. This picture belongs to 

Does these endangered species are making, any contribution for the rehabilitation of the tigers in the wild? The answer is no and not at all. Given 20,000 tiger population in the cages, considering that much big quantity of caged tigers as protected species is highly unnecessary. These are enough in fact overly populated at cages and at home.

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Ligers being illegal for captivity will never boost tiger and lions popularity.
Saving Tigers and lions by making Ligers Illegal are different scenarios. No Ligers exist in the wild and only wild tigers and lions are endangered. All ligers are in captivity, so what kind of lion or tiger they are threatening. This picture belongs to  

Even is if 20,000 tigers are valuable, why are they not supposed to be counted as tigers. After all we do not count them as wild though. This argument strongly confers with the fact that tigers’ population in the captivity is overly populated. Experimentation can be highly encouraged. They are specifically labeled as caged tigers. Does one fourth of these tigers ever managed to end up in the wild? Why a buzz and a fine and all this propaganda against mating of the tiger with the lions?

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Liger are Illegal for Experimentation.
Having enough population for tigers and lions in captivity is certainly motivating for breeding lions and tigers to produce ligers. So Stop Ligers being Illegal and start studying hybrid animals discoveries is certainly a good stuff. 

If it has nothing to do with tiger preservation, then why was it necessary to restrict their mating with lions? Media and news agencies are picking up all of these questions, but can’t one thing through a rational or reasonable mind what should be legal and what should not be illegal. Tiger in the cages are as much futile as the ligers in the real existence. Oh yeah ligers do offer a lot of financial incentives to the zoos. People love to watch them and donate food for them. They not only create finances for themselves but for other animals at the zoos as well.

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Liger Illegal Rule in many parts of the world.
Declaring Ligers as being illegal is a useless rule and this rule needs to be evolved and reconsidered in many parts of the world. In USA it is legal in many parts which is a great thing. This picture belongs to  

Lastly, there are different visages of environmental protectionists. Some are even highly backed by the finances of the eco-terrorists too. All this media campaign is a part of that. Media just have to play its role to convey information and nothing more than that. For me this mess is as similar as the swine flu and bird flu which was hyped and unnecessarily formulated by the eco-terror backed group and finally they use media as a weapon to fill the minds of people. Never here not now though because someone from somewhere else has a big questionable mind.

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Liger Illegality and Media Stance is biased.
Media is a big messenger for making ligers as illegal. Drawing out vague talks and supporting only one side of the argument has always been the common cause within media. Media is often biased about ligers. This picture belongs to