Liger Presentations

The Killer Liger This presentation is about a liger named as Rocky. Rocky is the first liger in the world to ever claim the life of a human being. Luckily he is still alive as the judge thought at that time, since the animal is in the cage and the trainer himself entered into the cage, therefore, it is not a threat to the humans. But what happened in reality? Why when no one was allowed to enter into the cage of the Rocky, Peter Getz all of a sudden went to give him a food. Peter Getz had no previous experience with the ligers.

Moreover, he was a volunteer working at the animal sanctuary. But he had a good experience with the tigers and he was believed to have started keen interest in training the tigers as well. Was Peter Getz over ambitious there? Was Rocky was too hard to estimate in terms of its behavior? and why did Rocky Choose Peter Getz rather than taking and snatching food from him? This is all here in our first presentation about ligers.

Download Presentation here "The Killer Liger"

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