Shasta the Liger - The First Ever American Liger

Shasta was the first ever liger cub born in United States. Today United States is the home to the world's biggest population of ligers. Shasta the liger was born in 1948. Shasta was born in Hogle zoo in the Salt Lake City. Shasta had the face of her father who was an African Lion, whereas; she had the back feet exactly that of her mother which is a Siberian tigress. Usually for most of the ligers, their face mostly resembles tiger marks (Unlike the statement in the magazine, is assured that facial marks of Shasta the liger were resembling that of a lion rather than tiger. Maybe the magazine was talking about the overall facial appearnce of Shasta the liger). However, Shasta inherited the facial features of her father. It also had dark brown stripes on its body as well which exactly shows the resemblance of both the lions and tigers.

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Liger Shasta Stuffed at Bean Museum in United States.
A preseved body of Shasta the liger at Bean's Museum in United States. People regularly visit this museum and admire Shasta for her long life. Special Thanks to 

Shasta was the first birth of its mother, therefore, its mother did not treat it well and it was fed by the humans. At the time of birth Shasta’s weight was just 2 pounds. Shasta was transferred to the zoo when it reached the weight of 30 pounds. Shasta at its childhood loved to climb. That instinct was almost totally related to that of its mother. Tigers love to do climbings and stuffs. Tigers are believe to be better climbers as compared to lions. Shasta's sights were always set on reaching for the higher objects (Life Magazine, 1948).

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Liger Shasta Lived 24 years.
Shasta is the only liger in the world that has lived for more than 24 years. Shasta the liger died in 1972. Special thanks to 

Shasta lived for a very long time. In fact Shasta made a world record for the highest living liger ever recorded in the captivity records. Shasta lived for 24 years. Shasta died on 1972 due to kidney failure. Shasta was the only existed liger in the world. Being unique and only one all around the workd, thousands of people came all around the world to watch that spectacular species. Shasta’s stuff was preserved and is now located at the Bean's Musuem in United States.

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Liger Shasta Visitors Popularity.
A visitor watching the preserved body of Shasta the liger. Shasta is highly popular among the list of popular stuffed animals in Bean's Museum. 

Shasta is a highly popular celebrity among the museum stuffed animals. There are many other unique stuffed animals in the museums as well. Shasta's record is distinctive among them and her distinctive species allows the visitors to give more respect to the liger. Daily different individuals either have snaps with Shasta or pay tribute in their own ways to this legendary liger.

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A visitor paying tribute to Shasta the liger. Visitors have a huge heart and respect for this legendary liger Shasta. 

The 24 years of Shasta the liger not only made the world record but it also gave us a huge evidence that ligers can live a very long life as well. Moreover; the 24 years of Shasta the liger have shrugged off a lot of rumors and myths about ligers age and life span i.e., ligers do not live long or ligers have a small lifespan. Right now from the age of Shasta the liger we can definitely conclude that ligers have a normal lifespan just like lions and tigers and also they live as long as lions and tigers.

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Liger Shasta Closeup View at Beans Museum in United States.
A close-up view of the face of Shasta the liger. Shasta the liger became understandably became very weak during her last years. Courtesy of 

As a cub; Shasta the liger was very playful and adorable. Majority of the photographs of Shasta the liger are available within Black and white but a great courtesy of Bean Museum they did have some photographs of Shasta the liger in color as well. We are displaying one picture of Shasta the liger as being cub. She is certainly looking very curious within the photograph.

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Liger Shasta as a cub during 1948.
As a cub Shasta the liger was very curious and playful. Photo Courtesy of