Liger Cubs in Taiwan (Triplet Liger Cubs)

A tigress in Taiwan has given birth to three liger cubs. However, one of the cubs initially died because of poor health, and there were only two liger cubs left. This was the first ever liger experiment in the Taiwan. The mother of these liger cubs was a tigress of Bengal. Their father was the male African lion.

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Liger Cub Pic. A Liger Cub Walking across the Street.
A Liger cub Walking in a Street. Ligers are illegal in Taiwan. Even though it was the first experiment on ligers in Taiwan, it might be the last one. 

In Taiwan tigers and lions are considered as protected and endangered animals. They are protected and endangered because they are near to extinct. Experts think that it is highly unnecessary to experiment with such animals especially when they are already near to extinct. As a result, it was held that the zoo keeper was responsible for an illegal deed by allowing the mating of the tiger and lion and having ligers as birth. The zoo keeper's name was Huang Kuo-nan.

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Liger Mane is not as huge as a lion.
A beautiful mane of a liger a liger. Liger mane is smaller than lion but this mane is very much well-groomed and fluffy. Special thanks to 

He was fined 1500 US dollars. In some reports it is mentioned he is fined 50,000 US dollars. The authorities have also seized the liger cubs from the zoo. In other words, they have seized the liger cubs from the tigress. It looks like a big shame, but chances are they would have seized it if the tigress had ignored the cubs. The mortality rates of the tiger cubs are also very higher as well. Typically that is why the liger cubs also die as well with faster rates at the time of the birth.

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Liger Playing with visitors.
Picture of a liger playing with visitors. In China Liger Breeding is not illegal. Whereas; in Taiwan, it is totally illegal. Special thanks to  

Even recent reports have also suggested that 1 one of the remaining twin ligers has also died as well. Therefore, it is only one liger to care for and they should do their best to save this liger as everyone want that liger to be a grown up one.

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Liger Looking at its Prey.
A liger looking at its prey at Harbin Zoo in China. Ligers have been in abundance in China from the last decade or so. However; there is one liger left just beside the China in Taiwan, where during 2010, 3 liger cubs were born. Special thanks to 

According to the recent reports as of 2012, the remaining surviving liger cub in Taiwan was still alive. However, this liger had one immovable and numb leg. All the three ligers which were born were full of deformities. This arises a very big question, should ligers be bred? This example seems to be a very big challenge for the ligers existence in the future.

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Liger in Taiwan had Deformities. It had a lot of physical problems.
This is the remaining surviving liger of the three triplet ligers. This liger had a lot of deformities when it was born. It will have to take these deformities with itself throughout its life. This is not a good example to share about ligers. You can see that one of its leg is completely paralyzed. This picture belongs to