Liger vs. Wildebeest

Liger is a hybrid of two big cats. It is an offspring, resulting from an intercourse in between male lion and female tiger (Lion and tigress). Therefore, it results from a cross-breeding in between two panther species male lions and female tigers. Currently, this cross-breeding does not happen in wild, but this cross breeding happens in between lions and tigers living in captivity. It is purely a carnivore animal. Ligers are the biggest meat consuming carnivore in the world. Liger is a biggest among the cat species and also biggest among the carnivore species as well. Both lions and tigers are less than half the size of the ligers.

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Liger vs Wildebeest - A Comparison
A Liger at King Richard's Faire in United States. Ligers are much bigger than wildebeest. Photo Courtesy of  

Wildebeest is an antelope that is found on the plains of Africa. Wildebeest is a huge animal that weighs around 500 to 600 pounds. For predators like lions and leopards, Wildebeest is a perfect prey to fulfill their hunger. However, Wildebeest migrate from one place to another and are not available at one place all the time in the years. Wildebeest can reach a top speed of around 50 miles per hour.

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Liger vs Wildebeest - A weight Comparison. Liger Weighs around 900 Pounds. Wildebeest Weighs around 600 Pounds.
Liger vs Wildebeest - A weight Comparison 

Liger on the other hand is a huge predator. Liger weighs around 1000 to 1200 pound. A 1000 pound liger is fully capable of reaching a top speed of around 60 miles per hour. If a 300 to 400 pound lioness can easily catch a wildebeest who is around 500 pounds, then for a liger, this catch will be equivalent to catching a gazelle. Speed wise liger can catch a wildebeest. Strength wise a liger can encounter any wildebeest against any of the wildebeest in a herd including dominant males too.

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Liger vs Wildebeest - A Speed Comparison in Miles Per Hour
Speed of the Wildebeest, Lioness and liger 

Therefore, strength wise and speed wise there should not be any problem for any liger to catch a wildebeest in the wild Africa, if it would have ever set into African plains. Note that almost half the size of lioness is capable of catching wildebeest. This can be very essential for further predicting, whether a single liger can grab a bison or buffalo.

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Liger at King Richard's Faire - Massachussets United States.
A Liger enjoying milk at King Richard's Faire Festival in Massachussets United States. Ligers weigh more than 900 pounds and wildebeest can be a very easy meal for the ligers. Photo Courtesy of