Ligers and Ethics

Liger Ethics & Morality - Ethics basically represent the moral values and today we shall study about the moral values in the form of complete ethics for the ligers. There are big concerns and voices of different individuals that cross-breeding is unethical and this act should be stopped to reproduce ligers. Different animal rights activists claim this as well. Some claim that since tigers and lions are endangered species, therefore, rather than reproducing liger, the more effort should be on reproducing tigers and lions.

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Liger and Ethics.
Liger ethics is a big question mark and it just never looks like a resolved issue. The debate is intense as ethics stakes haven't been established so far. This picture belongs to 

Now these are the claims and statements of one school of thought. There is another school of thought which says that it is totally right to have ligers. They believed that ligers have existed before as well, and it can still be possible if there will be hundreds of thousands of lions and tigers living in the wild having overlapping territories. They also state that tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers etc. they all belong to a same family, therefore it is totally fine to have reproduce ligers.

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Cross Breeding of Lion and Tiger and ethics.
Cross breeding can happen in the wild as well if there are enough amount of lions and tigers living together. This has happened before; when there were too many lions and tigers existed in the world. Currently both the lions and tigers are endangered species. This picture belongs to 

Even according to National Geographic Television, lions have been emerged from leopards. That was specifically stated in one of the program named as Planet Carnivore on National Geographic. The leopards have also existed, where the tigers resolved, there is an equal possibility that even tigers would have evolved from leopards as well. If they are from the same family, then it looks nothing wrong to reproduce ligers from tiger and lions.

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Liger Breeding and Ethical Questions about liger Breeding.
Liger Breeding look normal because all the big cats have a core relation with one another. Big cats DNA is also very elastic indeed, therefore; it wouldn't be harmful to breed ligers. This picture belongs to 

Others say that ligers are sterile, which is often wrong. Some also say they live less, which is another wrong possibility, Ligers reproduce and they live as normal as lions and tigers in the captivity, even the largest living liger named as Sashta lived for more than 24 years.

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Liger Reproduction and Ethical Issues. Ligers are not Sterile.
Many ethical questions arise about the reproduction abilities of the Ligers. But Ligers are definitely not sterile, so this assumption goes out of the equation of ethics. This picture belongs to 

However, the concluding remarks can be that there can be as many criticisms and pro-liger studies in the future, and it is turning out to be a never ending debate. But one thing is highly unethical which both of the school of thoughts agree and that is reproducing ligers for just photo sessions, a show off and then abandoning them into very poor habitat when the grow up, this is where things go wrong and this is totally unethical.

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It looks like is if that there is no harm in reproducing ligers and it looks completely ethical. The concerns of critics are also there, but they do not carry that much weight and sense for the moment being. This picture belongs to