Quadruplet Chinese Liger Cubs - Liger Profile

In 2007, a tigress in Chinese Tropical Wildlife Park at Hainan Zoo gave birth to rare four liger cubs. According to the reports, one of the liger cub just died at the time of its birth. But all the rest of the three liger cubs were in stable condition. The cause of the death of that liger cub was the genetic failure. This program of cross breeding was specifically conducted under the supervision of Liu Mingjiang (Siyan, 2007). China has the second most significant numbers of ligers in the world reaching near the figure of 20 ligers in total. According to one study by ligerzoos.com website China also had maximum numbers of Liger zoos after USA.

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Liger Cub Curiously Looking out in China.
A curious looking Liger Cub in China. Image Courtesy of  

According to the opinions of the readers, all the three cubs were highly sensitive. They were kept away from being touched by any official. Moreover, they were all left on their mother to be fed well. Therefore, the cubs were not even weighed yet. Moreover, their names were yet to be announced as well. As the information will further updated, we shall reveal the names of those liger cubs to you as well.

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Liger Cub in China.
A liger Cub in China. China has a lot of ligers. This current liger cub was located at Hainan Province of China. Photo Courtesy of  

The authorities at the park specifically allowed many visitors to watch these adorable liger cubs. Ligers are one of the most popular big cats in China. Whenever people learn about ligers, they love to purchase tickets. People are always interested in watching a new and unique example and ligers are just the right example in this regard.

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Liger Cub Lazily Sleeping in Chinese Hainan Province.
A lazy looking Liger Cub in China. Liger Cubs sleep a lot and you will always find them very lazy at the time of sleep. Rest of the times liger cubs are very active too. A liger can be lazy when it can grow up but there is no doubt behind the strength and power behind this big cat. This picture belongs to 

The mother of the cubs was Huan Huan, a tigress that belonged to the North Eastern Chinese dissent. Huan Huan is a 7 months old tigress, while its partner the male African lion named as Xiao Er Hei was a 6 year old male African lion. The same tigress also gave birth to several other ligers in China as well. So far this tigress has given birth to about 12 ligers in total. Few of them died as well, but rest of them are still living in a very healthy situation. Previously the tigress also gave birth to twin ligers named as Ping Ping and An An (Siyan, 2007).

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Quadruplet Liger Cubs in China.
Quadruplet liger cubs in Chinese city of Hainan. Ligerworld.com has exclusive rights to display this picture on their website with the permission of its owner 

According to the earlier updates, these liger cubs after few days were about 1 Kg or almost 2.2 pounds in terms of their weights. Liger cubs grow much faster than all the other big cats and for the first 4 years of their life, they gain around 1 pound of weight per day. However; being a cub of few days they usually have a normal growth rate just like the cubs of lions and tigers respectively.

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Weight of Liger Cub in China was around 2.2 pounds.
The weight of these Chinese liger cubs was around 2.2 pounds after a few days of their birth. Photo Courtesy of