Ligers Teeth

The ligers have a huge face and mouth structure as compared to lions and tigers. The liger’s face is believed to be as big as the shoulders of a man. This really shows the massiveness of the ligers' facial attributes. It also means that everything on the face of the liger is bigger, stronger and larger than other big cats in the world. This certainly means that ligers have big teeth as well. Very simply, their huge face gives them enough space to have huge teeth. Their front canine teeth are also much bigger as compared to lions and tigers.

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Liger has 30 Teeth. Both Lions and Tigers also have 30 Teeth.
Ligers have 30 Teeth just like other big cats like lions and tigers. Photo Courtesy of 

But the question remains? How many teeth do a liger has? Liger is a crossbreeding. It is a biological process of imprinting genes in between male lion and female tiger. Lions are believed to have 30 teeth. Tigers are also believed to have 30 teeth as well (Hanel, 2008). But does this cross-breeding may allow the ligers to have any less or more numbers of teeth?

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Liger thirty Teeth.
Lions and tigers have thirty teeth. Therefore, it is very natural for ligers to have thirty teeth as well. Photo Courtesy of 

Since there is no variance of teeth among lions and tigers, therefore, the liger also has 30 teeth in its mouth. The law is simple, both parents have one tail, liger will have one tail, Both parents have 4 legs, ligers will have four legs and same is true about teeth as well. Other than that the size of these teeth is much bigger as compared to the teeth of the lions and tigers. This gives them extra force as well for a more damaging bite as compared to lions and tigers.

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Ligers have Powerful Teeth.
A Liger has powerful teeth as compared to lions and tigers. A liger's bite force is certainly greater than that of lions and tigers too. Photo Courtesy of 

Big cat need teeth. Teeth help them to kill the prey and also to eat large proportions of meats as well. In the case of the liger, when the eating consumption is more than 100 pounds per day, teeth play a fundamental role for the tigers. Humans on the other hand 32 teeth though. But Humans do not consume as much as ligers. This is also a clear indicator that having more teeth may not make a big difference in terms of eating more food.

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Liger Canine Teeth.
A pair of canine teeth of liger is visible in the above picture. Liger's canine teeth are much bigger and longer than that of the lions and tigers. 

Sources & References

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Ligers Strong Teeth.
A Liger having Strong Teeth. The extra length and deep root of each tooth gives more strength to the teeth of the ligers. 

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Ligers have 30 Teeth. Tooth Comparison of Lion, tiger and Liger.
Teeth (Tooth) Comparison of Lions Tigers and Ligers Teeth. All the trio had same 30 Teeth.