Ligers at Noah Ark Zoo in Germany

Germany’s Noah’s Ark Zoo has two ligers named as Silly (Cilly, Sily, Cily ) and Wahia (Yahia, Wajia, Bahia). Their names sound like that but their exact written names are yet to be confirmed but they are pronounced in this way. Both the ligers are brothers and sisters. Moreover, both the ligers are twins.

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Liger is a powerful big Cat.
A Powerful Liger. Ligers in terms of their power and size outclass lions and tigers. Permission Sorted!  

They were actually triplets but their one sister died just two years ago. Germany is one of the only few countries in the world to have ligers in captivity. There are only less than ten countries to have ligers.

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Liger at a German Zoo.
Picture of a Liger at a German zoo. There are nearly 4 ligers in Germany. Photo Courtesy of  

Both the ligers are 17 years old. This age is very high for the ligers especially, when there are rumors that ligers do not live long. The ligers are said to be doing great at the zoo. The ligers have faded stripes of the tigers with a body that resembles that of the lions. The male liger has a small mane over its body, while the female liger resembles very much like a lioness. Both the ligers are very big cats and they weigh more than lions and tigers.

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Liger at Gromitz Zoo in Germany.
A liger at Gromitz Zoo in Germany. Ligers are very popular in Germany. Cross-breeding has been around for a long time around in Germany. Photo Courtesy of 

A keeper at the zoo insisted that people find it very hard to believe about the existence of the ligers. They still compare it with mostly as lioness. An obvious guess of the people about the animal regards it as a female lion or lioness. Not many people all around the world are aware of this amazing animal. However, when they actually know that the animal is actually liger they find them highly attractive at the zoo and give their highest attention to the ligers as compared to the other animals.

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Liger Siblings in Germany
3 Liger siblings live at a Gromtiz zoo in Germany. All of these 3 siblings are more than 15 years old which is a strong indicator that ligers live as healthy and long as lion and tigers. Photo Courtesy of  

But despite all these things and buzz about the liger, the tiger which is the mother of the liger remains the world’s favorite animal. 21% of people consider tigers as their favorite animals, while 20% people consider dogs as their favorite animals. However, according to one study conducted by people who search for ligers also consider ligers as their favorite animals as compared to lions and tigers. Therefore, there is a very strong possibility that this big cat may become the new favorite animal worldwide as the earlier trends are already indicating the statistics in favor of ligers.

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A Curious looking liger in Germany.
A curious looking liger at Germany's Gromitz Zoo. People consider ligers as their favorite big cat as compared to many other big cats like tigers, lions, leopards and Cheetahs. Permission Sorted! 

As of 2013, the whereabouts of Ligers in Germany are not known. Maybe or possibly they would have died but it is still too early to say without any confirmation. None of the online sources about ligers have ever quoted about these ligers again after their news.

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Ligers at Gromitz Zoo in Germany.
Picture of a Liger from Germany's Gromtiz Zoo. Gromtiz Zoo so far had 3 Ligers. No further information is available. The Zoo doesn't have any web portal about ligers too.  

Ligers have been living in pairs as well in different parts of the world. But no news have ever erupted that a male and a female liger successfully mated together. However; female ligers are known to have successfully mated with Male Lions and Male Tigers as well. Therefore, Female Ligers are fertile, while the evidence very much suggests that the male Ligers are sterile. The ligers at Noah ark Zoo in Germany lived as paired but they never mated successfully. There are many more stories like this in different parts of the world as well.

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Liger Pair at Noah Ark Zoo within Germany.
A Liger Pair (Male and Female Liger) Living together in Germany at Noah Ark Zoo.