Gobi the Liger - Liger Profile

Gobi is a female liger which lives at Horeschoe Creek in United States of America. Gobi is believed to be the longest living liger in the world. Female Ligers have been known to live very long as well. She has been able to reach the age of 16 and she is still doing very well. Currently in 2010 she should have reached the age of 19 years old. No news of Gobi the liger any more as of 2015. The only snap shot of the Gobi the liger is displayed below. You can see Gobi the liger had Tiger markings on its head and ears, while its brown skin giving an impression of a lion.

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Liger Gobi at an animal Sanctuary.
Picture of Gobi the Liger. Gobi the Liger lives at United States of America (USA). Gobi is a Female Liger.  

Gobi the liger has lived more than 16 years which is fully amazing for a big cat. In the wildlife tigers and lions are supposed to live around 10 years to 15. In the captivity both tigers and lions live more than 15 years. So from these statistics we can safely conclude that Gobi the liger has been following a very normal pattern of life which is identical to that of other big cats living in captivity.

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Liger Gobi Inside a Cage.
Picture of Gobi the liger inside the Cage. Liger Gobi has lived significantly long. This Liger Gobi picture belongs to 

From the pictures the weight of the Gobi the liger will not be more than 400 pounds. It is very common for the female ligers to weigh less than male ligers. Hoewver; her weight of 300 plus pounds is still much more than that of the female tigers and lionesses. Female ligers are fertile, but Gobi the liger so far hasn't given birth to any Li-Liger or a Ti-Liger. The cubs that are born through a liger female are called Li-Liger or Ti-liger depending upon the mating partner i.e., lion or tiger.

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Liger Gobi age is around 16 years.
Liger Gobi lived fore around 16 years of age which is very long age for a Liger and also for any other Big Cat.