Liger Freckles - Liger Profile

Freckles is a female liger. Freckles the liger lives at the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in United States of America. Freckles the liger has a very bad experience with humans throughout its entire lifespan, unless it has ended up to the wild cat rescue centre. It was not like Freckles was uncooperative or an aggressive record but like many unfortunate big cats in United States which end up in misery and were just made pets for taking pictures, Freckles is one such example.

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Liger Freckles at Big Cat Rescue Centre
Picture of Freckles the liger at an animal sanctuary in United States. Photo Courtesy of 

So this is the story behind the Freckles the liger, and it really states that this cat had a very tough life. It has been switched to couple of places before it has finally arrived to the big cat rescue centre in United States. This story is not true about ligers or only this liger but many other big cats in United States are also facing the same fate as well. Whenever, these cats grow up, it becomes very hard for their masters to cater their food requirements. Consequently, they give up on them and these big cats end up in certain animal sanctuaries.

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Liger Freckles at Big Cat Rescue in United States.
Liger Freckles Live at Big Cat Rescue Center in United States. Freckles the liger has been the victim of Cruelty and Brutality. This picture belongs to 

Freckle the liger weighs more than 500 pounds. It weighs already more than a male African Lion. Freckle is more than15 years old and it has already surpassed its prime and is at the second half of its life. Freckles the liger is more like lioness rather than a tigress. Freckles has a face like that of the tiger. This is specifically true in terms of black spots at its forehead and around the ears. FRECKLES also has a tail like that of the tiger. But apart from that Freckles has most of its physical appearance like that of the lioness.

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Liger Freckles Weigh 500 Pounds.
Freckles the liger weigh more than 500 Pounds. Female Ligers usually weigh less than the male Ligers. Freckles is a female liger, therefore it will weigh around 500 to 700 pounds at maximum. Remember a Male African Lion Weighs around 550 Pounds. 

Freckles has a tooth decaying problem. Truly the pictures do indicate that it has already lost many of its teeth while some teeth are broken as well. But apart from that Freckles is a one such a healthy liger which behaves normally, which loves to move into water and tries to be friendlier with the big cat rescue individuals. It is only friendly behind the grill, as in the Big Cat Rescue centers the keepers do not enter into the cages of the Big Cats.

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Liger Freckles suffers from Tooth Decaying Problem.
Tooth Decaying problem is not common within Ligers. However; Freckles the liger is a victim of Tooth Decaying. She has already undergone a tooth surgery as well. Prolonged periods of hunger and starvation are directly linked with tooth decaying problem within Big Cats including Ligers. This picture belongs to 

Freckles the liger is also the victim of a paralyzed leg as well. Not much is known about the past history Freckles the liger. Moreover; if Freckles the liger have a paralyzed leg it does not mean that all the ligers will have paralyzed legs. Since we have already talked that Freckles the liger is a victim of continuous abuse before coming to Big Cat Rescue Center, therefore; that history is a clear indicator and clue for its paralyzed leg as well.

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liger Freckles have a Paralyzed Leg.
Freckles the liger has a Paralyzed leg. Freckles the liger have been the victim of abuse since Freckles have been born. Big Cat Rescue Center did a great work to rescue Freckles the liger.