Liger Oden - Liger Profile

Oden the liger is a small liger cub, which lives in United States of America. By the time, Oden was being traced in one of the articles; Oden was about 2 months old. This recorded age was recorded in February 2010. Currently in August 2010, Oden would have been almost 9 months old. Oden the liger lives at the Jungle Island zoo which is located in Miami.

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Liger Cub Oden Playing with the Kids at Miami Florida.
Picture of Oden the liger cub playing with the kids at Miami, florida. Image Courtesy of masthanke from flickr 

According to the officials at the sanctuary, Oden is highly popular among the visitors visiting the animal sanctuary. He might be just two months old, but he has already paying back a lot of financial incentives for the sanctuary. It is very easier for ligers to become big cat ambassadors and collect donations and charities for the other big cats within the animal sanctuary.

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Liger Oden is a Playful Liger Cub.
Picture of Oden the liger playing with kids. Special thanks to masthanke from flickr photo albums to authorize this picture for 

Oden at two months age, used to eat about half pound of turkey meat. Apart from that Oden was also given on every day, about three legs of chicken per day, as an appetizer. Hercules, one of the famous ligers at the sanctuary is uncle of the Oden. Oden was very playful and easy going lion.

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Liger Oden is fully Focused and Curious looking at the Animal Sanctuary.
A very well focused Oden the liger cub on one sunny afternoon. Oden is a very loving and playful liger. 

Oden was eight weeks old, and it weighed around 9 pounds. Liger cubs grow much faster than the lion or tiger cubs. For example in order to gain the weight of 9 pounds, it took 12 weeks for the liger cubs to reach the same weight. Today Liger Oden is a big Liger and it lives within United States. Liger Oden now weighs well over 600 Pounds.

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Liger Cub Oden Walking at Myrtle Beach Safari, Miami United States.
Oden the Liger Cub Today as of 2013 weighs well over 600 Pounds and is almost near to become a huge adult liger. He might grow more than 800 to 1000 Pounds.