Chinese Twin Ligers : Liger Profile

Twin liger cubs named as Ping Ping and An An, were born on 2nd May 2005 in Chinese province of Hainan. Their mother was a four year old Tigress, while their father was a six year old male lion. On May 2nd 2006, both the ligers celebrated their first ever birthday. It is specifically believed that these twins are the highest living liger that has ever lived in the China so. These ligers are very popular among the tourists. Just on their birthday about 10,000 people came to watch these twins. So these twin ligers at China have got a lot of admirers as well.

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Liger Twin Cubs in China. Chinese longest surviving ligers.
Picture of Twin Ligers in China. The name of these Ligers include Ping Ping and Ann. These two ligers broke the record of the longest surviving ligers of China. They have just reached the age of one year and the pair is doing excellent at the Chinese zoo. China also have huge amount of liger population as well. This picture belongs to  

From the financial perspective, they offer a lot of financial stability to the zoo in China (10,000 visitors per day is a real visitors' boost). The name of the both twin ligers mean safe and sound. People really hope that they should live long just like lions and tigers. Their birthday cake was made up of beef and eggs, and it was beautifully designed and decorated (CRI English, 2006). The first ever liger in China was born during the year 2002. But that liger immediately died after its birth. The same couple which gave birth to Ping Ping and An An also gave birth to another liger in 2004 but that liger died as well immediately.

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Liger Cub in Chinese Zoo.
Liger Cub at Chinese Zoo. Ligers have gained a significant presence within Chinese zoos. Liger cubs death is on the rise in China. This picture belongs to  

According to the latest reports both the twins Ping Ping and An An are still alive even during this year 2015. They are fully mature ligers now have crossed their prime age as well. According to the reports of 2010, both the twins Ping Ping and An An are the oldest surviving ligers in China. Moreover, they are also the current record holders for the ligers in China to ever live up to that long. In simple words both of these twin ligers are the most senior liger ligers representing Peoples Republic of China.

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Liger Cub Ping Ping at Hainan Zoo in China.
Liger Cub Ping Ping sitting at Hainan zoo in China. Liger cub Ping Ping is the longest surviving liger in China. He has already made a great degree of headlines in the news for its surviving abilities. This picture belongs to 

One of the Chinese expert is of the opinion that it was very difficult for him to raise the liger cubs. Many of the liger cubs have already died before and these ligers should have to be on a very controlled diet before they would be able to become strong enough.

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Liger Cub An An at Chinese Zoo in Hainan. An An is a brother of Ping Ping liger.
Liger Cub An An at a Chinese Zoo in Hainan. An An is a twin brother of the liger Cub Ping Ping. An An is a very healthy liger and it is doing fine. This picture belongs to  

On the other hand some findings suggest that cross breeding in between tiger and lion is dangerous for the tigress. Through the findings we can see that it may not be correct as born ligers have died, but no case of tigress death have been reported while giving birth to the liger cubs.

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Liger Cubs Birthday. These two ligers were Ping Ping and An An.
Both the ligers Ping Ping and An An celebrated a birthday with a cake made of Beef and Eggs. Ping Ping and An An are still alive today as of 2013. This Picture belongs to 

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Liger Cubs in China Playing together at Hainan Zoo.
Twin Liger Cubs Ping Ping and An An in China. Both the ligers are very caring with one another and they love to stay together. It is a great fun to watch them together and playing with one another. This picture belongs to