Ligers in France - First Ever French Ligers

Liger cubs in france were born during 1980s, through the cross breeding of the male African lion and the female tiger. The breeding was not an intentional program. In the vast enclosure the lions and tigers were living together, until the one male lion started to mate with the female tiger and the tigress gave birth to the liger cubs. These were the first ever ligers in France. There has been no evidence of ligers before and after that until today as of 2013, about ligers' existence within France.

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Liger in France.
These Liger Cubs have not been that much highlighted within the media. Maybe they were not born at a prominent zoo in France. 

It happened at the Tiger Park in Thoiry. Thoiry is a place that is near Paris. These ligers were owned by Paul de la Panouse. These ligers were not much recognized within news and media at that time.

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Liger Cubs in France during 1980s.
These Liger cubs that were born in France during 1980s, lived near French Capital Paris.  

There is not much further information about the ligers in France from any online sources. Therefore; there is very little to be explained about these ligers. Another important point to mention is that these ligers were never popular across Europe, which may suggest that they might would have died quickly soon after their birth. However; there is still a lot to be required regarding tracking information about the ligers born at the French Zoo.

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French Ligers of 1980s.
Liger Cubs were born in France during 1980s, but there is no further news about the whereabouts of these ligers. Here has been many ligers from the past century, who were born but they were not highlighted within the media.