Liger Appreances & Physcial Variations

Since the ligers are the hybrids of the male lion and the female tiger, their appearances may take one dominant gene of one parent on different accounts. Female ligers appear to be almost the same. However, the real variance comes in the male ligers in terms of their appearances. The most obvious one is that some male ligers have manes while some male ligers have no mane.

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Liger with a Mane. Ligers have Thick Mane on some Occasions.
Some Male Ligers have mane as well. The above liger from China has a thick mane around his neck. However in the later pictures you will observe that in terms of their appearances, some male ligers do not have any manes at all. This picture belongs to  

In this liger project, when we studied Patrick the liger, it had the mane. On the other hand, when we studied about the male liger named as Hercules it had no mane. In fact none of the other three male liger brothers of Hercules which included Zeus, Vulcan and Sinbad had manes. Dr. Antle says that these ligers may develop manes at the later stages of their lives.

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Liger can be without mane as well. Mane is absent within Hercules the liger.
Mane is absent in a lot of male ligers as well. For example world's famous liger Hercules the liger has no mane at all. Not only him, but all of his brothers Zeus, Vulcan and Sinbad also don't have any manes. This gives a firm evidence that some ligers have manes, while other ligers do not have manes at all. This picture belongs to 

The manes of the ligers are not so big. In the positive way, the manes of the ligers are moderate in size, and they look well groomed under those manes as compared to the wild bushy manes of the lions.

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Liger Appearance Variations.
Appearance variation in the ligers is a lot. In the above picture you can see one liger is bigger while the other one is smaller. One liger has a small mane, other liger has no mane at all. This picture belongs to 

Some female ligers are very much like the lionesses. They even do not have any such kind of stripes. However, some female ligers have very dark browned color stripes on their back. The same is true about the male ligers as well. When the ligers are young, the stripes at their bodies are very visible; as they become older the stripes fade away and become very dim.

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Female Ligers Look Like Lionesses.
Many Female Ligers just simply look like Lionesses. In the above picture the female liger just looks exactly like a lioness. However; lionesses do have a very dark nose, while female ligers have a light brown nose. Lionesses do not have any spots on their face. This picture belogns to 

It is very important to note that the stripes of the ligers are brown, while the stripes are of the tigers are always black. Therefore, the liger accumulates unique dark brownish colored stripes on its body which do not belong either to the lion and the tigers.

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Liger also Resemble like Tigers. Rocky the liger and Radar the liger both resembled just like Tigers from their face.
Some ligers do resemble exactly like tigers from their facial resemblance. Rocky the Liger and Radar the liger were both looking almost similar to the tigers. The above picture is that of Rocky the liger, who looks exactly like tiger from its face, however; physically rocky was twice the weight of lion or tiger. Photo Courtesy of  

Similarly, some ligers inherit the tails of the lions, while other ligers inherit the tails of the tigers as well. But majority of the ligers have the tails of the tigers rather than that of the lions.

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Ligers have Dark Brown Stripes. Some Ligers have light brown Stripes too.
Ligers usually have dark brown stripes, unlike tigers which usually have black stripes. Some ligers have too much light stripes, that they are not distinguished easily. This picture belongs to