Wayne the Liger - Liger Profile

Wayne the liger is a male liger who was born during the year 2008 at TigerWorld Animal Sanctuary (A Reputable Animal Rescue Center). This Animal Sanctuary is located at Rockwell, North Carolina, United States of America. Wayne was given birth by a three your old tigress. It is very rare among the tigresses to give birth by that much younger. Even though Wayne the liger was rejected by her mother and it was bottle-fed by the caretakers, it still looked in good health when he was a cub. It is also very common for the female tigers to abandon their cubs on their first birth. After the abandonment by its mother, Wayne was handed over to the animal caretakers at TigerWorld Big Cat Animal Sanctuary.

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Liger Wayne at Tigerworld.
Liger Wayne Lives at Tigerworld Located in Rockwell, Salisbury United States of American. Photo Courtesy of  

Key animal caretakers for Wayne the liger included Lea Jaunikas and Jessica Williamson. Wayne the liger was kept with a female white tiger and a ti-liger named as Radar the Liger. At 7 weeks, Wayne the liger was around 16 pounds which is around 7 kilograms of a weight (During 2008). As of 2015, Wayne is a fully grown male liger and he weighs more than 800 pounds and he still lives with a female white tiger and Radar the Ti-Liger.

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Liger Cub Wayne.
The Liger Cub Wayne weighs around 16 Pounds which is around 7 Kilograms. This picture belongs to 

Wayne the liger is a fully healthy liger. The management and animal caretakers at TigerWorld are fully capable of caring big cats such as ligers. Wayne the liger is the only liger at the TigerWorld Animal sanctuary. Wayne the liger eats about 10 to 15 pounds of meat per day and drinks about half a gallon of water. Like all the big cats Wayne the liger rests for more than 18 hours per day. Wayne is very kind and playful with his animal caretakers and he has never shown any violent or aggressive behavior towards its caretakers.

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Liger Wayne playing with tiger Cubs.
Liger Wayne Playing with its fellow big cats which include a white tiger and a lion both of which are cubs as well.  

Wayne the liger is a very famous big cat at the Tigerworld Animal Sanctuary. He is also biggest of all the the big cats at the Tigerworld. Wayne the liger roars like a lion and among its group he is the most dominant big cat. Wayne the liger is given awesome privileges at the animal sanctuary. His health is checked regularly and his enclosure is fully spacious & hygienic.

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Wayne the Liger weighs 800 pounds at Tigerworld Animal Sanctuary.
Wayne the liger lives at Tigerworld and he weighs around 800 to 900 pounds. Photo Courtesy of