Liger Nook - Liger Profile

Nook was a male liger, which used to live in captivity in United States of America. It used to live at the Valley of the Kings Animal Sanctuary which is spread across 10 acres of areas. Nook used to have an enormous weight of 1400 pounds. So far in all the studies about the ligers, this is the largest weight ever recorded about the liger. At one instance or meal time, Nook used to consume about more than 150 pounds of meat as well.

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Nook the Liger Cuddling with its Keeper
Picture of Nook the liger at Valley of the Kings Animal Sanctuary in United States. Nook the liger had a very happy life at the animal sanctuary. Photo Courtesy of 

Nook was received to the sanctuary when it was four months old. Like many other exotic cats in America, Nook also had the same fate of rising in some household for the purpose of pleasure and later left abandoned. However, it was really lucky to reach and had the rest of the life at the animal sanctuary.

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Liger Nook was Abandoned by its Owners when it was 3 months old.
Nook the Liger was abandoned by its owners when it was around 3 and a half months old. It is very common within USA to abandon big cats, because they become so big that it become almost impossible for their owners to fulfill their food consumption and care. Nook the liger was transferred to the animal sanctuary at the age of 4 months when it was abandoned by its owner. This picture belongs to  

Nook could rise up to 13 feet if it used to stand on its back feet up in the air. Nook used to have huge paws that could be compared with a 9 inch crockery plate. Nook was very friendly with other animals at the sanctuary. Nook used to live with a female Siberian tigress named as Ieshia.

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Liger Nook Lived with Siberian Tiger in its Cage.
Nook the Liger used to share its territory with a Siberian Tigress. Nook was a very friendly liger and it really respected its mate within its territory. This picture belongs to 

At the age of 22 Nook was euthanized to death because of cancer. Nook was diagnosed with the bone cancer. In order to relieve Nook from the pain, the medical experts at the sanctuary decided to euthanize him. Nook reduced its enormous weight from 1400 pounds to just 550 pounds during its last days.

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Liger Nook Weighed 1400 Pounds.
Nook the Liger had a massive weight of around 1400 pounds. This is a huge weight for a big cat and especially for a liger. Nook the liger is also believed to be the largest and biggest liger ever lived on earth.  

The keepers of the liger Nook say that it will always be respected whenever; it will be remembered as they had great memories associated with that enormous cat. A very close keeper of nook named as Carnegie has even preserved the ashes of the Nook as well to honor it. Nook was his most favorite big cat and according to him he will remember Nook the liger for the rest of his life.

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Liger Nooks ashes were preserved by its Caretaker Carnegie.
Carnegie preserved the ashes of Nook the liger at the time of its death. Liger Nook's body was burnt to ashes at its death. This picture belongs to